Nest Update 6-9-14 – From Darkness, Light…

Good Evening, Fellow BlankScreenWatchers!!

The cam went off air around 12:30 am Sunday morning and was off all day Sunday into Monday. It came back up Monday morning around 11:45 to a view of the eaglets as we had left them nearly 39 hours earlier, sleeping in the center of the nest. They did look a little wetter than when we last saw them due to the rain that passed through the area before the cam returned. Chatters were wondering if they had been fed since we didn’t see any food brought to the nest after cam on. I can say that I observed that they both looked to have full crops in the first hour of seeing them so I think we can assume they had a fairly substantial breakfish. The rest of the day they spent wingersizing, napping and hopping around the nest that also included a couple of first attempts to mount up the trunk of the cottonwood. They were very half-hearted attempts but it’s a good sign that we may see climbing eaglets very soon. They have been watching the P’s mount up the tree since they were hatched and I am sure they would like to follow them up there ASAP.

I am sure we would all like to thank Broadband Corp for getting the cam up and running for us as soon as they could. MN Bound stated on their Facebook page that it was a power down situation due to weather. We are hoping the skies are clear this week to get the batteries fully charged again. I am just really glad some some squirrel didn’t chew the cables in the tree which has been known to happen.

Our great panners found Mom and Dad hanging out on their power pole across the road again today. It looked like one of them was sitting on air because at that distance its impossible to see the cable that runs between poles as a grounding and lightning arrestor. That pole is almost a half mile from the nest and sits between the river and another good sized pond that we can’t see from the cam so I guess that makes it a good place to “pole” hunt for food. Some small black birds were seen harassing one of the P’s when it was sitting there alone again today. 

All in all it was a very uneventful day after the cam was back up and we hope it continues that way until fledge. There was a Silly Rumor of The Day in the yonder chat that the cam had been shut down because some disaster had befallen the eaglets. Where do they come up with this stuff!! 

A quote from the 14th Dalai Lama: “If you have fear of some pain or suffering, you should examine whether there is anything you can do about it. If you can, there is no need to worry about it; if you cannot do anything, then there is also no need to worry.” 

On to the vids and pics!!

I am including the vids from Saturday so the record of them is complete here.

MN Bound Eagles 6-7-14 Breakfast Before The Rain

MN Bound Eagles 6-7-14 Intruder Alert ~ Mom & Dad Defend Nest

MN Bound Eagles 6-7-14 The Intruder Returns

MN Bound Eagles 6-7-14 Peaceful Saturday Evening

MNBound Eagles ~ Intruder ~ Regular Speed & 3 Slow Motion Speeds ~

MN Bound Eagles 6-9-14 Fussy Eaglets ~ Cam’s Back On Line

MN Bound Eagles 6-9-14 Mom & Dad Expanding Their Perimeter

MN Bound Eagles 6-9-14 Late Day Highlights

And a few pics!


If you keep dreaming up grisly stuff that happens to us I’ll come down there and nibble on your toes!!


I think this is far enough away, dear. I can’t hear them squeeing any more.


Mommmm! We want more cheetos!!


Are they still on that pole??? Yep, they are!


The cam’s back on??? Yay!!

I haven’t discussed Saturday’s intruder incident here as I think it deserves a space of it’s own. I hopefully will have time tomorrow or Wednesday for that. Thank you all for your patience and understanding over the weekend with both the lack of a blog and the cam problems. It is much appreciated.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 

6 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-9-14 – From Darkness, Light…

  1. fran

    talon, hope you had a good rest. thanks,as always. I love the picture of mom and dad together,i now know that they aren’t always out hunting for the, getting bigger, babies and the suspended look at the pole is cool. take care,fran

  2. tjglv

    Welcome back TalonStrike! ‘Breaks’ are ‘naps’ are wonderful! … Cocktail is too! Good to see you online and you have my best thoughts. … What a happy and beautiful Granddaughter you have!

  3. Nancy

    Good Morning Talon!! Glad to see you back on track. Now that the kids are 9 weeks old, I guess we have some exciting milestones coming up. I like Bdog’s idea –lawn chair, good stiff cocktails, and of course, LOTS of Cheetos for Arya and All! 😉

  4. bdogmm5858

    Talon thank you again for a wonderful blog! the kids are getting more active by the day and hard to believe we are entering week 9 of their lives. You just like the cam needed a much needed rest to recharge the batteries! Just like the cam we appreciate you even more when you return! Now pull out that dusty lawn chair from the garage, find your favorite shade tree and park it cause I’m mixing you a good stiff cocktail! 🙂 ❤

  5. Jo

    I’d worried last night when I got on to see no one in the Nests chat room and the cam off air. Even scrolling back didn’t show any info as to why the cam was off. I finally stopped worrying and just went to bed. Had to be away all day today because my daughter picked me up and we spent the day together. Daughter trumps eaglets every time! Good to see the eaglets and doing ok. Good to see Little Arya’s darling face again, too. She expressed my same delight to hear the cam is up again and everything is ok. Good job on the blog, Talon! C U all 2morrow!


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