Nest Update 6-11-14 – Nest Laps And A Jump Up the Trunk!

Good Evening, Fellow NestLapTimers!!

It started as a typical mid-week day on a beautiful eagles nest in beautiful central Minnesota. Arky and Dakota greeted the day with crop drops, wingwhaps and some squees to Mom and Dad for a tasty fishy for breakfish. This must have motivated Dad as he came back to the nest around 0930 with a lovely large fishy that Arky performed a textbook mantle on. Mom landed and a three way food tussle began. Mom won of course and the fish feed began with everyone getting a good share. The cam went off the air towards the last of the feeding and we missed seeing who got the tail. I bet it was Mom!

When the cam came back on the kids were napping after the morning feed. The rest of the day was a typical day with more naps, lots of wingersizing, both Arky and Kota taking laps around the nest and lots of staring at the countryside that they will be exploring when they finally figure out what those wings are for. They also threw in some beakering sessions to keep things interesting. 

The highlight of the early evening was Arky taking the first step off the nest. She leapt up the trunk about a foot and half above the prone Dakota who looked at her like “What’s all this, then??”. She didn’t stay up there very long but it was good to see these two are staying ahead of schedule like they have with everything else so far.

As darkness settled in the weather started to get disturbed. A thunderstorm arrived just after full dark and gave the eagles and us a lovely sound and light show for about an hour and a half. I hope Friday nights skies are clear so BBC can get us a good shot of the pond in the full moon light.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Beautiful Close Ups Of Arky and Dakota ~ Morning Panning

MN Bound Eagles 6-11-14 Mid Day Panning

MN Bound Eagles 6-11-14 Late Afternoon Play Time

MNBound Eagles ~ WooHoo Arky Trunks ~ June 11, 2014 7:23 p m

And a blog exclusive vid!

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota & Arky Sleep Thru Storm

Some pics of the day!


When I grow up I wanna be the Batsignal!


I’m not too sure about this tongue bling. It tickles!!


Daaad! Fissshhh!


Hey, Arky! When you do that your undies show!


You can only swallow things twice the size of your head, not 3 times!!


The baby eagles told me I have to mantle my food like this!

Ya know, Dakota, the view IS better from up here!

Ya know, Dakota, the view IS better from up here!

I hope your Hump Day was as nice as it was on the nest! We’ll see you on the perches tomorrow!


PS: An extra special thanks to Dragonlainey, Elaine and Rick, who brought us the vids today under trying and difficult circumstances. Their internet was bad most of the day and they had to hunt through the archives, a long and tedious process, to bring us todays superb vids! Muchas Gracias, Elaine and Rick!!

9 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-11-14 – Nest Laps And A Jump Up the Trunk!

  1. Faithful Watcher

    Always wonderful to receive the Nest Update. Many thanks!
    I have a question – where can I leave the question – so it won’t take other’s time – if not interested? Thanks for the reply.

  2. WeezerLou

    Love your blog, the pics, the vids. How do you come up with such great captions for the pictures? I laugh at most of them, today’s Dad, Fish was so funny. Smiles

  3. Mark Loveland

    Thank you for sharing your love of Nature in general and our Eagles in specific …. Again, thank you so very much. Genuinely.

  4. Helen Romain

    Love what Talon writes and love the videos, both of which must take sooooo much time! Also love how Talon’s granddaughter imitates the eaglets, particularly with her mantling today, and all the other comments related to Talon’s granddaughter. Very precious! Thanks to all of you for all your good work!

  5. Lisa Healy

    Thank you again for an awesome blog, and yes a huge thank you to Elaine & Rick for all their hard work just to entertain us with the beautiful videos!!!! Have a wonderful Friday to all!!

  6. PiggyP

    Ditto what Jo said. And thanks to the Blacks and dragonlainey for your dedication and hard work for our benefit! You are appreciated! As are you talon. Thanks for your daily blogs and for sharing that special gbaby! She’s a cutie! ♥♥

  7. Jo

    Nice special attaction video! Wish all storms would go “fast-forward” like that 😉
    Cute! Arya’s got the mantle down! She’s growing up fast too! Hope you give her lotsa hugs when she makes “steps” like that 😉


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