Nest Update 6-12-14 – Fast Food And New Carpet!

Good Evening, Fellow DryPerchers!!

After last nights light show and rain the eagles got an early start to the day with a tasty fishy for breakfish. The day then moved on to nestorations,  more nest laps, wingersizing and personality development. Dinner in the evening was a furry animal that ended up with it’s fur coat in a stealing contest between Mom and the kids. The evening view of the pond was wonderful with the full moon reflected in the still waters. 

Since today I was very busy on set and it’s also Gbaby’s 1st Birthday I will let the vids and pics do the rest of the talking in tonights blog.

MNBound Eagles ~ Morning Wingersizing & Let’s See If We Can Tear This Apart

MNBound Eagles ~ First Meal Of The Day ~ Fish ~ Grasses Delivered

MNBound Eagles ~ Late Morning Cuteness ~ More Grasses ~ They Want Food

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky Tells Dakota No ~ Dakota Gets Lions Share

MNBound Eagles ~ Food Delivery ~ Sound Back At 7:30 p.m.

MNBound Eagles ~ Panning and Close Ups

And some pics of the day!

blue sky dreams

Blue Sky Dreams!


Oh no you don’t! That’s mine!


Where do you think she wants these throw rugs??


Two can play that nap game!

moon pond

I hope you all had a fine Thursday and we’ll see you tomorrow on the nest.


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2 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-12-14 – Fast Food And New Carpet!

  1. Jo

    Thanks, Talon, for another fine blog…even though I knew you had to be super busy today what with it being Arya’s birthday! Sure hope you’re planning on sharing pics of the party girl and her party with us, soon!
    I’d like for you if at all possible, should we get good close ups of the kids, to point out in a photo which one is which, please! Sure would help!


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