Owl??? Attack At Decorah

Since the MNB cam was down I was watching the Decorah nest and an owl?? was doing fast fly-by attacks on the juvies there. This happened about 12:15am their time.

Here is a vid from Dragonlainey: http://youtu.be/fOCYiAdTNdw

And the same video with the attacks slowed down. Rick feels that it was an owl.

Decorah Eagles 6-13-14 Multiple Attacks On Eaglets ~ Slow Motion Replays

Raw video highlight from the archive at Decorah. Rick is in the process of making the full vid available.


Rick’s full length version of the owl attack at Decorah.

Decorah Eagles 6-14-14 Owl Attacks Eaglets On Nest




18 thoughts on “Owl??? Attack At Decorah

  1. Bunnie

    In response to cg4 RE: Talon’s blogs.
    Talon i have been watching eagle cams since they began and have learned there are a LOT of DOO-DAHS out there. Some with very little intelligence and some who are just plain CRABBY!

    I enjoy your comments , especially when I’m not able to watch — they bring a smile to my world. I know you won’t let a few ROTTEN APPLES deter you from posting. You have many, many fans out here, so please continue doing what you’re doing & in the same manner.

  2. Bonny de Graaf-Ringma

    Talon, I am surprised that the young ones didnt huddle together after 1 or 2 attacks, or at least move more towards the center of the nest. Is that normal behaviour to stay at the edge of the nest when in danger?

  3. Patti

    I think what it was doing is trying to knock it off the nest… which would injure it on the ground.. where it could dine. But the eaglets held on tight.

  4. clakra

    I don’t get it, why would a smaller bird keep trying to attack the eaglets, obviously the attacker can’t pick them up, it doesn’t land on the nest to eat there, so what is it trying to do? It looks to me very like a troll, just trying to stir up trouble for it’s own amusement.

  5. lemondrop87

    Well like most others I am wondering why the P’s did not come and check things out but maybe their instincts told them the E’s were not in any imminent danger, but it is not for us to know what everything they experience is about. Talon, you should tell CG4 that if he does not like your Blogs he does not have to read them for there are many more on here that does and think you do a fantastic job and go way beyond your duties. You might also tell him/her to try walking 10 miles in your moccasicans and then write about how you are doing. Take Care Talon, and have a great week-end!!…

  6. cg4mg

    So, Talon, for the rest of the day are you going to rile up your blog buddies? Are you going to tell them there is imminent danger? Are you going to the reasons why the parents did not come to the eaglets aid? Are you going to offer some proof that this was an owl attack, and add, in your so humble way, that it will continue until the eaglets fledge? If, indeed, they do fledge?

    I don’t understand this blog, supposedly started because there were no mods on the SS at MN Bound, and people were worried the eaglets weren’t eating, weren’t attempting to do much of anything but sleep, that the bugs were driving them crazy, that they were too close to the edge of the nest. I thought you were going to take these comments and put them to rest, put the people that follow you at ease. We were supposed to come here and relax as you explained to us how to deal with our emotions and the way we view Arky and Kota.

    I have not seen it yet – not in one single blog you’ve written. You criticize people for speaking their mind, you talk to us in baby-talk about Arky and Kota and how they are going to remember things each have done to each other forever so they can pay them back. You put human emotions on everything they do. I don’t think I’ve read the word “instinct” once on your blog. Don’t do this to those that follow the Decorahs. It is not your nest to comment on and your input is not welcome.

    1. talonstrike Post author

      Are you a Republican?? “It is not your nest to comment on and your input is not welcome.” Have you noticed what medium you are using?? It’s called the Internet and it allows me to observe and comment on anything I find interesting. No one “owns” the nests and we are permitted to watch and comment on any that we choose to observe. Whether or not you choose to read what I post is up to you. Since I am almost a plankowner at Decorah (I began watching that nest soon after American Eagle aired the first time on PBS in 2007) I do tune in from time to time just for nostalgias sake. I quit watching regularly when people with attitudes like yours took over the chat and SS. The arrogance shown in your comment is one reason that the Decorah nest has such a bad reputation with so many of the chatters on the Net.
      I must ask if you have read every one of the 219 blogs I have posted both here and at MN Bound?? I am sure if you do you will find the word instinct in there somewhere.
      As to your literary criticisms, have you heard the phrase “writing for your audience”? This blog was started to let people know what went on the MN Bound nest during the day that just went by. That I choose to do it in a folksy and down to earth manner is just that, my choice. Would you prefer a dry recitation of the facts with some scientific words thrown in? I am not and have never claimed to be an eagle expert (unlike some who chat at the nests) . I am just an observer that likes to let people know what I observed during the day who happens to have learned quite a bit about eagles while watching the various nests. If you don’t like they way I present the information may I suggest you find the unsubscribe button? That way you will never be bothered by my words again.
      One last piece of advice, if I may. You should let the caffeine take effect before posting comments on the Internet.

      1. tjglv

        A HUGE THANK YOU TalonStrike for your comments on the Decorah chat room. You’ve validated my feelings. … Nest watching is new to me and I was only looking at the Decorah nest. I was surprised as to how arrogant, insulting, condescending, cold and sometimes cruel the mods/chatters would be. It felt like a private club and I did not like the fact that many people were being ‘scolded’ for misspelling, improper grammar or not scrolling all the way through. … Anyway, that led me to broaden my horizons and I found MN Bound and your blog which is not only friendly but educational as well. ,,, GREAT WORK! and please keep writing for all of us
        non-expert eagle lovers!

      2. Olivia Nilsson

        Well said! I too, was a long-time Decorah watcher but felt compelled to move away due to the tone and attitude of the so-called fans that appear to want to be amused and find it perfectly fine to strap a transmitter on the birds to continue their watching/following entertainment, and not it seems for any scientific study. At least I was not able to find one. Thank you Talon, for your daily blog that fills us in on the daily events.

      3. Carol

        It is not anyone’s nest. The nest belongs to the eagles But chatters like you who descend when there is trouble and overly anthropomorphize are disrespectful of eagles, in my opinion.

      4. talonstrike Post author

        Could you please point out where I “overly anthropomorphized” the Decorah eaglets in that post?? I only reported what I saw as I happened to be watching at that moment.

        I am also the person that added the highlight to the archive video. Would you like to excoriate me for calling it an attack like a lot of the chatters at Decorah did today??

        And please explain how it’s disrespectful to the eagles when they don’t know or care one whit what is said about them. It’s only self important chatters that get offended when they see something they don’t like.

        So, please, run back over there and tell them what a bad person I am for pointing out something that might not have been noticed for hours if at all. And for alerting Dragonlainey so you chatters could have a vid as soon as possible. As I said above if you don’t like what is posted here, please don’t read it.

      5. Portia

        Talon, I found your blog quite by accident and must say I rather enjoy it. I like your “folksy” style recapping the day’s events. Eagle watching should be a pleasurable event, not vicious or argumentative (which I find happens on the MN Bound SS). Oh how I wish MODs were there to corral these grown people acting like children. I must say that MODs have to be traffic cops, keeping the conversations relevant as well as knowledgeable about eagles behavior. They are by no means experts, but have viewed eagles and done research. MN Bound should reconsider for next season.

        Please do not waste any more of time responding to people who do not like your writing style or your opinions. As you stated, anyone can write a blog and it will be their opinion and their style.

        For those who cannot tolerate a difference of opinion, well they are missing out on learning and do not even realize it.

        Keep doing what your are doing – there are more that appreciate your work than not.

  7. Jo

    very weird that Decorah’s Mom or Dad didn’t defend those babies, unless, of course, they were doing it from further off the nest and we just couldn’t see it. Sure how that one that got hit twice is ok!

  8. sue

    That is so sad to watch knowing how our Mom & Dad keep a close eye on ours. The ones at Decorah just sit in a huddle and cry out. Do you think the owl will get one of the juvies tonight?

  9. talonstrike Post author

    If they were sleeping on the Y branch at the yonder nest they probably didn’t hear what was going on. I, too, thought it unusual that they didn’t come to the nest. There was actually a lot more than 4 attacks. That is only a vid of the last few minutes of the attack. Full attack here: http://ustre.am/_3ixD6:2ajb

    1. Patti

      I watched the full length version you provided Talon.. I counted 11 – 12 attacks and between 5 & 6 minutes in – there was several ‘ hoots ‘. Unknown why the parents didn’t help, – maybe a part of life’s lessons – they held tight, kept their balance. The Owl was just being a ‘ bully ‘. Please keep up you blogs for those of us that don’t have the time to watch the nests due to our busy schedules. Gives us a chance to catch up. This is my first year with the nests – I check in to 4 of them. It helps to see the different stages of life. Sure wish we knew what was happening at MN Bound with the cam & sound down for so long. Take Care Talon… your the best !

  10. sue

    Talon, Why didn’t the parents come down to the nest after the first attack? There was 4 attacks total, one on each of the juvies and the one sittng out further got 2 shots. Our Mom & Dad would have been there in a flash and you can bet you could have heard them. One of them would certainly have gone out after the owl or what ever it was. Why didn’t the Decorah’s parents?


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