3 thoughts on “A Belated Happy Fathers Day To All!!

  1. fran

    yes, talon, hope you had a good father’s day too. I didn’t watch the whole decorah vid, I know I should have, did the parents ever come to the nest? thanks, fran

  2. Jo

    Happy Father’s Day to you, too, Talon! Since I’m the only “father” my kids have known, my kids called me to wish me a Happy Father’s Day, too 😉 Nice to know they appreciate me!

    I have a question…and I’m sure it is one others want to know, too: Why has the cam been down these past few days? Does anyone know? I’m only guessing but is it because the solar panels haven’t been charged due to not much sun for the past few days? If that’s not the reason, is there another? I haven’t caught you in the SS for the past few days so I’d wondered.

    1. clakra

      The cam does seem to have had it’s share of troubles this year. I used to watch the bear cams at Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park, Alaska, but the winter did a lot of damage there too.


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