Nest Update 6-19-14 – Record Rain And A Tasty Fishy!

Nest Update 6-19-14 – Record Rain And A Tasty Fishy!

Good Evening, Fellow SoakedNesters!!

It was a night and day of rain again in the cottonwood. An all night (practically) light show led into a day of showers and wind. The cam was down for most of the morning but when it came back up Arky and Dakota were seen playing with a new turtle shell and some fur that looked rabbitish so it seems that they had something for breakfish today. They spent the day trying to catch up on sleep and trying to keep out of the wind. Mom showed up with a large tasty fishy mid-afternoon. Arky again beakered Dakota, who went submissive, and then ate her fill. The cam went out again before the end of the feeding but when it came back on both were seen to have full crops and there was only scales left of the fishy. It was pouring rain again but in one of the breaks in the rain in the early evening a rainbow was seen out past Mom and Dad’s power pole perch. Mom and Dad were spotted out at the pole a bit earlier but when the panner went to look for them again only one was still there. As the sun set behind the clouds the eaglets were snuggled in for the night in a very soggy nest that we hope gets a chance to dry out in the very near future. 

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Another Storm ~ Highlights Till Cam Goes Down

MNBound Eagles ~ Afternoon Highlights ~ Arky Dominant ~ Dakota Submissive

MNBound Eagles ~ Tug O War ~ Planes & Rainbow ~ M & D Perched Together

And some pics of the day!


Too bad the pot of gold didn’t land on their power pole perch!


Uh oh! This ain’t good!


Arky hoping the rain is over for a while


Ooops! Excuse me!


Boy, I sure hope the rain is done for a while!

Well, the forecast is for a couple of fairly dry days to come so maybe the eagles and all of Minnesota will get some respite from the rain. They certainly need it as rainfall records have been broken all over the state. The island Atlantis in the pond has lived up to it’s name and is now completely submerged. I estimate the level of the pond has risen almost a foot in the past week and looks to be at nearly the level of some of the historical photos of when it first formed. Anyway here’s hoping that everyone gets a chance to dry out soon.

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


One thought on “Nest Update 6-19-14 – Record Rain And A Tasty Fishy!

  1. Jo

    Oh good, DragonLainey caught the rainbow like I knew she would 😉 Good job!
    Good job from you, too, Talon! (clap) (y) and must mention some fine panning from the cam gnomie and as always thanks BBC!


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