Nest Update 6-20-14 – Fun And Sun On A Fledgy Friday!

Good Evening, Fellow NestTanners!!

No, no fledges from the MNB nest but there were at least 2 and a half at other nests today. D20 at Decorah got both lonely and tired of all the bugs on the nest and finally followed it’s siblings to the freedom of the skies and catching it’s own fish at the hatchery across the road today. Word has it D20 was the youngest fledge ever at Decorah. And in Pittsburgh the first of the three eaglets at the Hays nest there used it’s wings for what they were made for today. I believe this is the first fledgling eagle in the Pittsburgh area in more years than they care to count. Congrats to both nests! The half is Rudy at the Alcoa nest. It was first reported that he had fledged also but now the rumor is he was just hiding very well in the branches near the nest and people only thought he had fledged because they couldn’t spot him in the tree. Well, I am sure that he will shortly join his parents in the skies above the Davenport Works.

On our nest today the day started very foggy and calm. Arky began the days festivities with a short trip up to her spot on the trunk. Both her and Dakota have been squeeing for food a lot more lately and Mom finally delivered around 10am. Dakota scored the takeaway upon touchdown and Arky squeed her displeasure. Dakota mantled and fed for a bit while Arky plotted her takeaway strategy which she used about 10 minutes later and scored a clean snatch. Arky then fed for a bit and Dakota, in a wonderful show of aggression, stole the fish back and polished it off including the tail.

Good going,Dakota.

After that breakfish it was back to the normal routine of guard duty, naps, wingwhaps, and for Arky another trip or 2 up the trunk. She hasn’t even gotten as high as the cam mount yet but it won’t be long before she makes it that high. I do hope Dakota decides soon to go up there as well. Late afternoon saw another fishy delivery that Mom kept under control while Arky beakered Dakota into his submissive pose so Arky could get Mom to feed her. There was a frenzied air about this feeding that made for some intense watching. Dakota did get some of it I believe but mostly stood looking out at the river while Arky fed. 

Dad came home with another fishy late in the evening that Dakota scored and managed to eat a goodly portion of while fending off steal attempts by Arky. Arky finally did manage to steal it but I believe from Dakota’s body posture he was just about done with it anyway. Mom landed about the time of the steal and then fed Arky again. So it was with full crops and contented looks on their faces that they settled in for another beautiful sunset on the nest. As darkness fell all was well in the cottonwood.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Foggy Morning ~ Arky High On The Trunk

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Mantles Big Time ~ Even Gets Fish Tail

MNBound Eagles ~ Clip of Dakota’s Mantle with Slo Motion

MNBound Eagles ~ Mid Day Antics & Close Ups

MNBound Eagles ~ Close Ups ~ Frenzied Feeding ~ Arky Pellet or Food Stuck

MN Bound Eagles 6-20-14 Evening Chill Time Featuring Dakota

MN Bound Eagles 6-20-14 Dakota Standing His Ground

And some pics of the day!




It’s Cottonwood Manor, the last nest on the left. I hear its haunted!!


Sunny naps are the best!!


Anything on your side, Arky?/ Nope, how about you?? Nope.


Don’t those creatures that watch us ever sleep???


Well, if you aren’t going to feed me I have to nibble on something!!

Well I hope you all survived your work week and Friday means that you can spend more time watching eagles this weekend. Have a good one and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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3 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-20-14 – Fun And Sun On A Fledgy Friday!

  1. Jo

    Good to see the other nests are doing as well as ours is 😉
    I see our little human is fledging to the toofie stage! You go girl! Chew Grandpa’s finger to the bone if it’ll help 😉
    Thanks for the usual great blog, Talon, and many thanks to BBC, MNB, DragonLainey and Cam Gnomie for all you do, too!

  2. barbmi

    Thank you for the informative up date….and darling pix of your granddaughter. I so enjoy reading your blogs! Have a great weekend Talon.

  3. Peggy

    Thanks for the updates on the other nests. I don’t’ get to watch other nests much, so it’s great to hear what was happening there. And thanks for the updates on “our” nest here. As always, your blog made me smile. the picture captions are the BEST. I’ll be perching more this weekend to see if any fledging happens with these two!


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