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  1. KelJayP

    Very interesting article, Talon, and I thank you for sharing it. The accompanying comments are fascinating, as well. Many valid points were made regarding what can appear to be an irrational emotional attachment to wild creatures we sit watching for hours, whilst we ignore the suffering WE PERSONALLY contribute to animals in our own “food chain”. (“Where are the webcams at factory chicken farms?”)

    For better or worse, these cams exist now, and we humans can’t simply flip a switch to turn off our emotions. I agree with Jo’s comment that some viewers seriously need to walk away if they can’t accept unpleasant or even gruesome possibilities. I saw perfect examples of that Saturday night at the Pitt cam after H3 appeared to fall just before dark. Viewers were announcing they’d be up all night crying.

    Yet …… who am I to judge? I say to each his own if no harm is done to others, and it then falls to ME to ignore their reactions.

    We KNOW bald eagles are fast and furious, greedy, vicious, food-driven apex predators that steal the hard-found scraps of other scavengers, and do not share, except instinctively for a time as parents. (Not the attributes I’m pleased to have representing our country, true as though it may be.)

    But are bald eagles also caring, generous, and proud of their accomplishments? Do they kiss, cuddle, and snuggle to demonstrate love toward each other? Do they have a sense of fun, and feel joy, loneliness, loss or sorrow? None of us know the absolute answers to those questions. Again, to each his own opinion. I’m simply thankful the cams have given me a window to observe their lives, and for the many, many nice people I’ve met and learned from along the way. And sorry, watching an eagle cam won’t guilt me to stop buying chicken ~ I’m also an apex predator (at the grocery store lol).

    As for the DNR situation, cams have provided a public stage, and accidents may be witnessed. I’d never agree with pulling an obviously sick eaglet from a nest, as many encouraged with D3 at SWFL this season, but like Harmon, the rescue of an otherwise healthy eaglet might save it. Why not? Unusually extended bitter cold and snow in Decorah after the eggs were laid, and Bob & Co laid out straw near the nest for Ma and Pa to grab for insulation? Why not?

    We all need an outlet for a bit of joy in this otherwise depressing world. Let the Team Eagle win a few rounds. To quote Mr Miyagi ~ Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better. Understand?

  2. clakra

    Thank you for pointing us to the webpage. I found it very interesting indeed. Here in Canada we have those who kill and cull, others who wring their hands, but no-one who cares about the loss of habitat for creatures great and small that is distroyed by the growth of our cities and towns. No cams pointed at fields and forests being torn up or steams and rivers diverted or paved over. I guess we like to pick and choose which animals we love.

    1. lemondrop87

      Clakra, I paid a visit to a nest site in Canada a few days ago but for the life of me I do not remember its name. They have a chat line but not social screen and being such a slow typst I did not visit again, it seemed to be different from the sites I visit such as the “Decorah Eagle Cam” site, but that site is having a troubling issues with their 3 Eaglets; all 3 have fledged and 2 went down and they was able to capture those 2 and 1(namedD20) was banded and released. Was spotted later while being fed by Mom. The other 1 was later found and was found to have a broken wing and turned over to the Raptor Service. No further comment on that one on my last visit. You might ask ‘Talon Strike’ if he knows anything. Take Care And SED. Alice.
      P.S. You might also ask ‘Talon Strike’ if he knows the web site link of the Canadian nest…

  3. Jo

    What an awesome article! It gave both pros and cons but the one sentence that sticks out…and I’m paraphrasing it…is that if you can’t handle watching nature take its course, then perhaps it’s time to step away from the computer and stop watching…well…nature take it’s course! God made things the way He did for a reason and it’s not man’s “right or duty” to step in and play God! Just my opinion of course 😉

  4. Vicki

    Thanks for posting this article, it is a good summarization of what I have read in social streaming on the web cams. With technology today we have a chance to view nature, the good and not so good. I have learned so much from moderators on a few cams and am so thankful for their willingness to share. These are wild animals and we may not like what we see. If you find it difficult, back away for a time and donate so we, and the generations to come who live in concrete jungles, can continue to learn and appreciate these amazing animals doing what their instincts lead them to do.


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