Nest Update 6-22-14 – Toes For Breakfish and Twister For Dinner!

Good Evening, Fellow TalonNibblers!!

First, an apology. Things just came crashing together last night and today so I didn’t get the post written that I intended to. I hope you enjoyed the NYT Opinion article I linked to today. Sorry if I spoiled your Sunday morning coffee by not having a blog up for you to read. 🙂 

Sunday started mostly without any (sun that is) and it stayed cloudy through most of the day. Breakfish was also a little thin as the parents landed sans food and Dakota had to resort to nibbling on Mom’s toes to remind her that she should bring food with her when she comes to the nest. It was pretty intense as Daki went after her talons 4 times before she bailed off the nest to save her toes. The vid below shows it well.

The rest of the day was squees, naps, laps and a long session on the trunk with Dakota leading the way this time. Lots of great scaps were had and it was fun to watch them gingerly shift around on the trunk. I am sure as their confidence grows they will treat the trunk as just another place to hang out.

Dinner, in the early evening, was an adventure. Not having any breakfish or snacks during the day primed Dakota and Arky for a mantlefest when food did arrive. The first to arrive was Mom (I think) with a tasty fishy that had seen better days but was nonetheless scored by Dakota upon landing. It did look like a game of Eagle Twister as they battled for it. Kota kept control for a bit until Arky managed the steal and Kota went into sulky mode. Arky nibbled for a bit hoping Mom would return and feed her. Kota tried to sneak a bite or two from the tail but Arky fended him off. Next thing we know is Dad landed with a chipmunk and another round of Twister ensued. At the end of that it was Arky with the chipmunk and Kota with the fish. Kota went to work on the fish and managed to consume the head and a portion of the body by the time we saw the fish again. Mom landed while they were nibbling on things and after a few minutes went up the trunk to watch. Arky wasn’t making much progress on the furry rodent so Mom came back down and stole it away. She started to feed Arky who also pushed Kota off of the fish so she could have both. Kota went into stealth mode and watched as his sibling got the majority of the meal again. Arky behaves more and more like Harmon every day. That boy could squee and steal food with the best of them. 

After dinner Kota squeed for some more food but since none was forthcoming he gave up and they both settled in for a long summers nap.

In other news Mama Deer has dropped her fawn and both were seen on cam today. The river is still high and expected to crest tomorrow. The yonder chat has sunk to new lows of discourse and I would recommend you avoid it if at all possible. I love that the former mods were accused of causing all the strife over there today when we don’t even post over there due to the hostility shown to us when we do. Also, please don’t trust anything you are told over there by anyone but ShoebuttonNBG. Do your own research and make up your own minds. I am tempted here to call out those I feel are causing all the problems in the cam Social Stream but as a wise man once said “Never argue with the ignorant. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”. If you are looking for a friendlier place to chat we would love for you to join us at our SS! The link is in the footer below.

On to the vids and pics!

Yesterdays first:

MN Bound Eagles 6-21-14 Morning Play Time With Turtle Shell

MN Bound Eagles 6-21-14 Dakota Joins Arky On The Cam Trunk

MN Bound Eagles 6-21-14 Spending Time In The Attic & Arky Casts A Pellet

MN Bound Eagles 6-21-14 Mid Day Meal & Squee Fest

MN Bound Eagles 6-21-14 Evening In The Cottonwood

And on to todays vids!

MN Bound Eagles 6-22-14 Morning Play Time

MN Bound Eagles 6-22-14 Morning Highlights ~ P Gets Rude Welcome

MN Bound Eagles 6-22-14 Kids Go Upstairs To Hang Out ~ Panning

MN Bound Eagles 6-22-14 Close Up Time On Trunk ~ Awesome Fly In

MN Bound Eagles 6-22-14 Meal Time Mayhem

And a selection of the days pics!

Where all those cheetos you guys keep talking about?? We are hungry!!

Where all those cheetos you guys keep talking about?? We are hungry!!


Yeah, C'mon! Give up those tasty snacks!! Got any Thin Mints, while you're at it??

Yeah, C’mon! Give up those tasty snacks!! Got any Thin Mints, while you’re at it??

Now we can watch you for a while!

Now we can watch you for a while!

I sure hope Mom and Dad are at the grocery store!

I sure hope Mom and Dad are at the grocery store!

Mother and fawn

Mother and fawn

Sweet Sunset!

Sweet Sunset!

I hope your Sunday was pleasant and dry (or drier, at least) and you enjoyed your day on the nest. We’ll see you there tomorrow!


PS: A hearty thank you, as always to Dragonlainey, Rick and Elaine, for the vids and to the chatters and mods that take all the great screenshots you see here and on the various Web pages all around the net. Without all of those fingers busily clicking away our nest experiences would be much poorer and certainly less colorful!

If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: If you tire of the arguing, lack of answers, trolls, and bad information in the unmoderated chat at the cam page please come visit us and we will welcome you with open arms. We set up the new chat to be a safe haven for discussion and information. Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 

11 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-22-14 – Toes For Breakfish and Twister For Dinner!

  1. sue

    This is my first time here reading this blog. I am usually at Mnbound ss room. There seems to be some misunderstanding here. I find your words very discouraging and very disrespectful to mnbound. Who are you to judge the people in that SS or how mnbound has set up their cam this season? I read through the rest of your blogs and all you do is disrespect other chatters. If you don’t like what is going on in MNBOUNDS CAM SITE then stay away. it is apparent those were the reasons Mnbound did what they did. Go MNBOUND and ty for your decision. You no longer have anything to do with mnbound leave mnbound alone and the chatters that go to the website. Quit acting like a spoiled child that got a toy taken away. Show some respect.

    1. KelJayP

      I can tell you that I visit BOTH SS sites, and if I am looking for accurate information, I go to the “new” SS with knowledgeable and FRIENDLY Mods. I had to shut up and walk away (as it were) on Friday at the “old” SS when just as I arrived, somebody asked about the turtle on the nest. The person seeming to have taken charge there told her (and my quote is very nearly exact), “What, you want to show us what an expert you are? This was all discussed an hour ago – keep up!”

      Excuse me? Won’t be going back there.

      1. sue

        There are many people in MNbound cam SS that you can ask a question to and they will give you accurate information. I don’t even know why this person is doing a blog for Mnbound cam site? Is this just a blog for fun or to give accurate information, reading through the blogs there is allot of misinformation. He does tell a good story and writes well but does misinform people. Cant say I like the way he treats people either. Never heard of a professional blogger acting this way when they are trying to represent themselves or a company.

      2. KelJayP

        Talonstrike writes from his heart, about his “home” nest in his home state. I’m curious about the “allot of misinformation” you’ve found. Care to share?

    2. Traci Johnson

      MANY of the people at the SS chat try to incite panic and fear. I had to address some people on Facebook who were concerned because all they ever read in chat is that there is no food whatsoever. They were trying to get correct information and were startled at all they were reading in Social Stream. If there wasn’t food, the eaglets would be dead. Plain and simple.

      The people who constantly worry about every little thing from bonking, eaglets not being active enough, eaglets too close to the edge, not enough food, bad weather, bugs, the nest is falling, etc., etc., etc. are only trying to get everyone riled up. Talon gives good and accurate information but if all you want to do is worry about things that aren’t necessary, feel free. In my opinion, life is too short to worry about things we have no control over.

  2. clakra

    So sorry about the deterioration in civility on “yonder chat”. I never look at the chat any more just put the picture on full screen and watch Last year was my first year at the nest and I so much enjoyed the chat, information and links about the eagles, little tidbits of information about people’s lives and the kindness when I posted now and again. Thanks to all who care so much showing us the videos and your great blog, Talon.

  3. Beachgirl75

    Thanks for the blog and the updates. Sorry that Rick and Elaine have had problems from some mean people. I too find Shoebutton very knowledgeable and professional. I miss the days of the NBC cam.

  4. Granny

    Between your Blog and Rick & Elaine’s videos we never miss anything! Thanks all of you. I wasn’t watching when the cam panned and saw the deer and her faun. That’s a happy thing to see!
    About the two SS options. As for the one, I would say that some people thrive on discord, arguments and hatefulness and lies. Other’s thrive on watching that behavior and agitating the fools to make them be even more rash and foolish. If that’s your cup of tea (or coffee) you certainly have found a great place to behave badly in like company.
    However (and I will use Talon’s words), “If you are looking for a friendlier place to chat we would love for you to join us at our SS! ” Scroll up for the address to that site.

  5. KelJayP

    FINALLY I get my Sunday coffee, but its already Monday morning here! You are the bloggingest best blogger in all the eagle universe! Thanks Talon!

  6. Jo

    Thanks for the vids from yesterday…since I wasn’t able to get here, It was nice being able to see what happened. You deseerve a night off every now and then, Talon! Not everyone can be in here every second of every day ya know 😉 We’re just thankful for the time you do spend on your wonderful blogs. We’d be clueless without them, Rick & Elaine’s videos, LBJ’s (and other chatter’s) shared click pics, not to mention the wonderful views from the cam gnomie and the live feed from BBC and MNB. OH and OUR chatters are the very BEST! 😉


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