Nest Update 6-24-14 – Breakfish Battle And Squirrel Surprise!

Good Evening, Fellow LanguidNestizens!!

Arky and Dakota started the day lazily with some stretches and a bit of poking around the nest for any morsels that might be lurking on an old bone or turtle shell. Around 6ish Mom arrived with a breakfish of aquatic avian that Dakota again snatched and mantled. The ensuing rugby match was interesting in that after a couple of steals and resteals Arky ended up with the prize and then didn’t seem much interested in eating like she was waiting for Mom to come back and feed her. Dakota snatched it back after a bit and got the feeding under way in earnest. They both then kind of took turns until it was consumed. Afterward they they settled back in to routine and actually cuddled up for a bit like they used to.

For the midday meal Dad brought in a nice plump squirrel that he kept possession of and started to feed to Arky. Dakota was cowed a bit by Arky and didn’t get much while Dad was feeding. Mom arrived and Dad departed and things went the way they usually do when Mom is feeding except Dakota finally showed some spunk and got Mom to feed him a bit too. Dakota then snatched what was left of the squirrel and ate for himself for a bit until Mom snatched ti back and helped polish it off. After all was said and done both of them looked to have full crops and seemed satisfied. Dad returned a little while later and scavenged whatever bits he could find. When he was done with that he went up to the cam mount on the trunk and treated us to a marvelous flyaway.

The rest of the day was spent digesting the morning meals and just relaxing on the nest. In the early evening Dakota went up to the mount perch and stayed until the last bit of light was about to leave the sky. Just as we were about to lose sight of him he went back down the trunk to spend the night on the nest. Some worried that it was dangerous for him to do the jump down to the nest in the dark but we didn’t hear any weird crashing sounds or indignant squees that might have signaled a mishap of some type on the nest. We will have to wait for dawn to see but I’ll bet they are both cuddled up on the nest safe and sound.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Peaceful Morning ~ Dakota Trying To Find A Nibble

MNBound Eagles ~ Food War & Then Cuddle Buddies

MNBound Eagles ~ Squirrel For Lunch ~ Beautiful Fly Off

MNBound Eagles ~ Heckle & Jeckle Starring Arky & Dakota

MNBound Eagles ~ Lazy Afternoon ~ Time Lapse Panning ~ Wingersizing

MN Bound Eagles 6-24-14 Arky Stays Downtown & Dakota Goes Uptown

And a selection of pics of the day!


Look, Dad’s doing barrel rolls again!


Hey Dad! We cleaned those out hours ago!


So, Dakota, what do you think those big moving things on that flat piece of ground are??


Bookend practice!


It really is nice up here in the evenings! Who knew??


Tossback Tuesday: Remember when we wanted hotter weather???


Hey, this selfie thing is fun!!

I hope your Tuesday was as pleasant as the one on the nest was. We may get some more rain later in the week at the nest but the forecasts are for thundershowers instead of generalized rain so we can hope to be spared too much moisture. 

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!!


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: We set up the new chat to be a safe haven for discussion and information about this nest and our wonderful eagles. Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 

4 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-24-14 – Breakfish Battle And Squirrel Surprise!

  1. Jo

    Great blog as usual, Talon! HEY, did y’all notice? Arya’s got Grandpa’s smile 😉 Or should we say Grandpa’s got Arya’s smile 😀 Either way, Arya is adorable! Hmmm wonder what that says about Grandpa? LOL


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