Nest Update 6-26-14 – Tree Climbing And Major Hovers!!

Good Evening, Fellow BarkGrabbers!!

As the sun rose today we found Arky way above the cam mount looking like she was trying to reach the high perch where Mom and Dad sit to ask them when breakfish was coming. The big branch stymied that effort and she came back down and parked on the mount to watch the sun bless the countryside with it’s warmth for the day. Dakota was in the nest warming up for the coming day with stretches and hops around the rails. They both would squee occasionally to remind Mom and Dad that they were still here and still hungry. Sadly breakfish was not to be and the kids went about the business of the day, wingersizing, catching some good air (they both hovered up out of cam range a few times today) doing guard duty and bounding up and down the trunk. Dakota seemed to be playing a game with Arky this morning where he would gnaw on something in the nest like there was food to be had from it and Arky would come bounding down from the trunk to take it away. Dakota did this 3 different times and Arky fell for it each time. I guess hunger does strange things to your mind! LOL

Early afternoon saw Mom bring a small chipmunk to the nest. The ensuing scrum was won by Arky but she again acted like she wanted a P to come feed her. She takes the longest to eat of any eaglet in my experience. Dakota did try a couple of steals but none were successful. Arky finally finished the munk without losing any of it. Not too long after Dad landed with another morsel of food and Arky scored again. All we saw of it was some feathers going down Arky’s throat and it was gone so quickly that Dakota didn’t even have a chance to try and steal it. After “lunch” they went back to what they had been doing while Mom and Dad sat on the high perch and waited for a small rainshower to pass.

Early evening saw the delivery of a small aquatic avian (a duckling, we think) and Arky again got the takeaway. Dakota slyly tried several times to get his share but Arky thwarted those attempts and again slowly consumed about a third of the duckling. She became careless after a bit and Dakota stole, mantled and consumed the rest in less time than it took for Arky to eat just the head. After it was gone Arky chased Dakota around the nest like she couldn’t believe it had disappeared that fast. She bit at Kota’s toes several times and then finally realized that he had eaten it all. Arky went up the trunk to sulk and gave us some very pretty views of the clouds reflected in the pond as the sun set on another wonderful day on the nest.

Before they left for the reunion Dragonlainey had asked BirdBrain56 to keep an eye on things and make some vids if she had time. She came through with flying colors and we have her wonderful vids for you tonight!

On to the vids and pics  of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ A Branch With a View

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota

MNBound Eagles ~ Preening, Panning & Pondering

MNBound Eagles ~ The Growth on Dakota’s Beak

And a selection of pics of the day!


Hey, hey, you, you, get offa my branch…..


Youse guys got any Nilla wafers??


Yes, this is what an apex predators penthouse looks like!


Hey Arky! Do you think coyotes are good to eat??


Gee, I hope none of those loud white streaks come again!


Hold still Dakota! Lemme see if I can get that lump off your lip.


Everyone got something to eat today?? Goody! Me, too!

I hope your penultimate workday of the week was pleasant and relaxing. 

We will see you on the nest tomorrow!


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7 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-26-14 – Tree Climbing And Major Hovers!!

  1. Gayla Gatzke

    I was on the road and too busy to look at the cam today… and am so grateful for your blog! I really enjoy the way you word things… and the heart you put in this for all of us…. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! You make a difference …

  2. Jo

    OMG time is getting short for our eaglet viewing pleasures…not to mention our lovely blogs! Talon, great job today, you noticed, and mentioned, things I didn’t so I’m really grateful for your blogs that keep me up to date on the nest happenings. BirdBrains, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your videos!! And, of course, a big (y) & (clap) to BBC and MNB for their parts in all this, too.

    Arya is such a cutie and a happy baby. Guess she should be with G’pa spoiling the heck outa her 😉

  3. FFMN

    Birdbrain : thank you sooo much for filling in. Have always enjoyed your works at this nest. Talon: Penultimate {nest to the last} OK ~ ~ 😉 Great job describing the day per usual. TU

  4. Calilee

    The Best, from the Best, without a doubt. Thank You Talon for anotherwonderful blog. And to Hope, my gratitude for the fantastic videos. Just a perfect day you two! ~~~calilee

  5. Beachgirl75

    thanks for all the updates. I’m in Pigeon Forge this weekend. Was great meeting dragonlainey yesterday.

  6. Erika

    In a short period of time, not only am I going to have empty nest syndrome for another year, but empty blog syndrome too. Great job this year Talonstrike


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