Nest Update 6-27-14 – Arky Finds A Branch!!

Good Evening, Fellow LimbWalkers!!

The day on the nest began as they often do with a nice sunrise to a windy day. A small avian was delivered early that Arky scored and consumed after the typical scrum for possession. Dakota was disappointed and went back to what he was doing, napping, taking laps and getting his wings in shape for the fledge coming up in the near future. Arky joined him in these endeavors until midday when she finally figured out that the big thing sticking out from the nest was another branch she could go to. We didn’t see her go out to it but the panner showed up soon after and spotted her there for us. She spent a good part of the afternoon out there balancing in the wind and giving her talons a workout. Around 1:30 pm a Parent showed up with another small aquatic avian that Arky scored the takeaway on. She nibbled on it for a bit and then seemed to become disinterested in it. Dakota took advantage of her laxness in guarding it and went to town on it and polished it off in jig time again. Arky decided that she really did want it but by that time there was only a few morsels left. Arky went down for a rest and Dakota went up the trunk to see what was going on. 

Around three pm the panner went to the pond view and we spotted a rainshower headed for the nest. It was fun to watch it approach and then soak the tree with a quick dusting of rain. It was over and past the nest in short order and things got back to normal. Arky went back out on her branch and Dakota went back up the trunk. There were a couple of times late today when the wind picked up and they both took advantage and got some impressive hovers in. I’m talking 5-6 feet off the nest in a stiff wind. Scary but very cool to see.

As the evening wore on Dakota posed for the cam up on the trunk and modeled some new hairstyles for us. And as darkness fell both were back on the nest and settled in for the night.

Out on the road today the panner spotted a very rare animal, Chatterus Spyonicus, parked along the side of the road and watching the nest. It was a short sighting as the specimen bolted and turned tail for home after just a short visit. The panner also spotted one of the Parents on the far power pole again and in the process spied a deer eating in the field across the road. Hope the farmer doesn’t mind too much having his crops nibbled on.

On to the vids and pics of the day!

Birdbrain56 just had a few vids for us today.

MNBound Eagles ~ Is This Thing On? ~ 06/26/14

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Finally Eats ~ 06/26/14

MNBound Eagles ~ Out on a Limb ~ 06/27/14

And some pics of the day!


Ok, I’m ready!! Drop it right in there!!


Ya know, this is a little scary out here!!


The duckling population is rapidly being reduced


Here comes the rain again……


I don’t know. Do you think I should use less mousse???


I really hate when Dakota tries to copy my hairstyle!!!

I hope your Friday was pleasant and productive and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-27-14 – Arky Finds A Branch!!

  1. Jo

    WAAAA Arky branched and I didn’t get to see it 😥 And I did like the caption you put on the one of Arky on the branch but it could also have been “help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” or “Ok, I got down here, now how the heck do I get back up!!” or, “Hey ‘Kota! Lookie where I am 😛 Why don’t you ‘man-up and join me ;)” LOVE LOVE LOVED the hair style competition between ‘Kota and Arya! However, I think Arya won by a landslide LOL

  2. tjglv

    OMG! … You are just tooo funny! :0) I love your natural, earthy humor! … What I learn from your blog will not be forgotten! … Thank you! What a great way to start the day!


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