Nest Update 6-28-14 – Big Brunch And A Small Storm

Good Evening, Fellow MimosaMakers!!

Saturday dawned early (don’t they all this time of year?) and Arky and Dakota were up and at ’em early also doing laps, wingersizing, taking trips out on the branch, and up the trunk. Mom and Dad made it a memorable brunch by first bringing a full size aquatic avian and then a fish to the nest. The usual squabbles accompanied the arrival of the bird but when the fish arrived the mood seemed to settle down and A & D traded off having servings from both bits of prey. At one point it seemed that there might be nestovers if only for a short while. The rest of the prey was consumed over the course of the morning and full crops led to a calm and lazy day on the nest. Some stick play was noted and some rails were rearranged. Dakota was still playing games with Arky pretending he had something tasty and Arky would rush in from her branch or the trunk to see what it was.

A line of storms formed south of the nest in the early afternoon and brushed by the nest area with just a minimum of rain falling on the nest. The eagles were lucky as that batch of storms caused flooding and mayhem in the Twin Cities for the rest of the day. After the rain Mom and Dad repaired to the far power pole perch for some privacy and peace and quiet. The panner was kept busy trying to keep track of where everyone was and did a fine job of that. The evening hours saw Mom return to the high perch accompanied by squees from A & D when they thought there might be more food being delivered. When they realized this wasn’t the case they each settled in to a spot for the night, Arky on her branch under the cam mount and Dakota on the mount itself just off the trunk perch. As darkness fell another light show from a storm to the south gave us glimpses of Dakota’s silhouette against an angry sky.

Oh, and before I forget we thought we had another sighting of Chatterus Spyonicus today but it seemed they were more interested in the ruminants dining on whatever is growing in the field across the road than the eagles. So I guess we sighted just the common variety of Citizenus Deerlookerus that can be found almost anywhere. Oh, well!

On to the vids and pics of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ Let’s Eat! ~ 06/28/14

MNBound Eagles ~ Bad Hair Day ~ 06/27/14

MNBound Eagles ~ All’s Good in the Cottonwood ~ 06/28/14

MNBound Eagles ~ Bird on a Wire and a Pole ~ 06/28/14

MNBound Eagles ~ The Thunder Rolls ~ 06/28/14

And some pics of the day!


I think we’re safe here, honey, don’t you?? Yes, dear.


Who cares about a little sore on your lip when you have full crop??


This hairstyle of Dakotas is not for me!!


Do you think they’ll be OK out on the branches tonight??

A tip of the talon to Birdbrain56 for the excellent videos today and to BBC for the great cam and panning.

I hope your Saturday wasn’t too wet or unpleasant and your Sunday dawns bright and sunny! We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 6-28-14 – Big Brunch And A Small Storm

  1. Jo

    Good job Talon, as usual, keeping us up to date on the nest. I peeked in yesterday and got to see Arky on the lower branch but I’m still not sure if Kota’s been down there yet. I hate it when “people” take me away from watching the nest but I’m sure glad you’re there blogging away and BB et all are there videoing away, too! Arya sure has an expressive face and you sure do have a way of interpretting her expressions. I wonder if she’ll correct you when she gets old enough to talk 😉

  2. clakra

    That little girl of yours has one of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen on a such little one.

  3. Lisa Healy

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog!! And yes thank you to Birdbrain for the fun videos!! I also want to thank Jane Rucker for the beautiful photos she also has posted!!


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