Nest Update 6-29-14 – Sunday Sun And Tree Acrobatics

Good Evening, Fellow RiparianSunWorshippers!!

The Sunday dawn came up like thunder (I just love that phrase) and mellowed out into a gorgeous day for hanging out in a cottonwood tree. Soft breezes caressed the leaves and perfect temps made for the best Sunday so far this summer. Arky and Dakota seemed to have spent the night on their new favorite perches, Dakota on the cam mount struts off the trunk and Arky on the low branch about halfway out to where Mom likes to hang out sometimes. Mom and Dad left early to round up breakfish and returned around 10am with a large tasty fishy. Dakota got first dibs on it and kept it away from Arky until she bit his foot to accomplish the steal. Arky took the fish and proceeded with her dainty nibbling routine that didn’t net her much in the way of food down the throat. She really has to practice her ripping and tearing skills. Dakota stole it back after about 15 mins of that and tore into it with gusto. He ate a goodly portion before Arky stole it back again. This time she actually realized Mom wasn’t going to come feed her and she did manage to eat some of it. She backed away and Daki took over again. After another trade or two the fish was gone with Daki getting the lions share of that one with the proof of the pudding being a well extended crop. After some nest play and wingersizing they went to their respective perches and awaited the next delivery.

After spending the afternoon sunning, preening, and napping around 5pm Mom delivered another fish. She kept possession of this one and after Arky beaked and hip checked Dakota out of the way she and Mom noshed the whole fish without Dakota getting any of it. Daki showed his displeasure with this by leaping down from the trunk and nipping at Mom’s feet as she was trying to leave. He also squeed his opinion at her as she left.

After supper the kids decided to give the panner a workout. Arky moved  further out on the branch and kept moving until she was all the way out in the leaves which made her a little harder to spot. Dakota went up and down the trunk several times and then settled back in. During the day the panner had set up an auto pan that went from Arky to the nest to Dakota and repeated. During one of these in the evening while the cam was on Arky some scrambling was heard off camera. When next we saw Dakota’s spot he was nowhere to be seen. The panner scanned around the whole nest and speculation was rampant. It was finally thought that Daki had joined Mom on her high perch by scrambling up the tree. This was put into doubt when Daki was spotted dropping down into the nest from directly over the cam. Several chatters said they thought they had spotted one of his wings above the cam during one of the pans to find him. He went back to the trunk perch to rest up from that and the panner spotted Arky moving up the branch where Peace spent her first night camping last year. When the panner came back to Dakota he was going from perch to nest to perch several times. On the last trip back up to the perch the panner just caught him leaping up above the cam again. Dragonlainey made a vid of just that bit. You may judge for yourself whether or not you think he parked atop the cam. My opinion is he did as there is nothing else up there that he could reach that would be a place for him to hang out. I had said when he first disappeared that I thought he went up the trunk to join Mom. Well, there is nothing I like better than to be proved wrong and find out the truth. 

The panner was again on Arky when Daki decided to come down and parked himself on the cam mount for the night. As deep darkness fell on this busy Sunday we could see the cars passing behind Daki as he watched them roll by.

All of this activity by them of running around the tree and taking bigger and bigger leaps away from the nest signals that our time with them is getting very short. I believe in the next couple of days we will see them fly over to the large branch to the right of the nest like P&H did last year and they will continue to leap and scramble to new places in the tree. Fledging may happen by the end of the week or they may wait until early next week. I know one chatter in the yonder chat has continually said that the 4th of July will be the first fledge date. I hope he is right. Even after fledge they, if they are like P&H last year, will continue to roost in the nest tree and get most of their meals on the nest probably well into August. But our days of seeing them every day in the nest are essentially over. It is bittersweet to see them go but we again have had a very successful season in spite of losing Skye early on.  So, dry your eyes and join with me in cheering them on to perfect fledges in the very near future!

On to the vids and pics of the day!

Dragonlainey, Elaine and Rick, got home late last night or early this morning and did a yeoman’s job making vids of all the excitement today! Thanks Dragonlainey for such a great job after all the excitement you had at the Reunion!

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Showing Her Moves ~ Arky Flies To Nest ~ June 29, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ This Is My Spot ~ NO ~ This Is My Spot ~ June 29, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Fish Delivery With Beautiful Fly In With Slow Motion ~ June 29, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Winging & Winging ~ Close Ups ~ June 29, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Second Fish Delivery ~ Dakota Shows Displeasure ~ Fly Off ~ June 29, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Branches To Attic? June 29, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Appears To Fly Left ~ Mom Is In The Attic, Not Dakota ~ June 29, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota’s 2nd Vanishing Act ~ Arky Gets Higher ~ June 29, 2014

And some pics of the day.


I’m starting to feel like Alfred Hitchcock!


Hmmm, it gets jungly out here!!


Hey Arky, let’s give the panner a workout!


Help! That fish had the zombie virus!


It gets spooky around here at night!

What a day! (oh wait… thats a blog for a different nest) I hope you had a great Sunday and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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