Nest Update 7-1-14 – Of Branches, Clouds And High Perches

Good Evening, Fellow PerchSeekers!!

Where does the time go? It’s late so this one will be short and sweet.

Today was pretty much a repeat of yesterday with the teens spending copious amounts of time up high on perches out of sight of the cam and only coming down to eat and rest lying down in the nest. Mom and Dad were good in the provender department again today with the delivery of a fishy for breakfish, a midmorning snack of bird and another tasty fishy (with green garnish) for dinner. Mom spoofed them around bedtime snack time with talons full of old cornhusks and compost. They gave her what for for about 10 minutes after that. As darkness fell Dakota was on the nest sleeping and Arky was hanging on in the wind on Mom’s high branch.

Dakota had a wing feather hanging out at a weird angle as dinner was delivered. Sometime during the scramble for possession of the fish the feather was pulled out and ended up in the nest. There was much discussion about it after it was zoomed in on several times by our intrepid panner. Some people said it wasn’t a blood feather and others argued that it was. The pic below I think shows quite clearly that it is a blood feather and was still in the process of growing out when Dakota lost it. Both the blood root and the growth sheath are visible in this pic grabbed by eaglessoarfree. Thanks ESF!


On to the vids and pics of the day!

Dragonlainey came through big-time again today so anything about the day I missed above can be seen in the vids below. 

Also Birdbrain56 put together an awesome Fun With Dakota vid for us today.

MNBound Eagles ~ Morning Highlights ~ Two Food Deliveries ~ July 1, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Where The Family Sits ~ Kung Fu Kick & Much More ~ July 1, 2014

MN Bound Eagles 7-1-14 An Afternoon With Arky & Dakota

MN Bound Eagles 7-1-14 Dinner Arrives ~ Nice Fly Off ~ Dakota Looses A Feather

MN Bound Eagles 7-1-14 Awesome Fly In ~ Dakota Is Disappointed

MNBound Eagles ~ Fun With Dakota ~ 07/01/14

And some pics of the day!



A lovely day even with the clouds!


Hey Mom! Can we get another fishy while you’re at it??


I’m Ready again!! Hit me with a Thin Mint this time!

I hope your Tuesday was an excellent one and your preparations for the 4th of July are going well!

See you all on the nest tomorrow!


PS: Great quote I saw today:

God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest

J.G. Holland

And, might I add, neither should we.

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2 thoughts on “Nest Update 7-1-14 – Of Branches, Clouds And High Perches

  1. sue

    About Dakota’s sore on his beak, will it get better and fall off or is it getting worse? I keep looking and hopeing that it will be gone but it is still there. Is there anything you can tell me about his problem and if it will effect him later on. Just a worried Grandmother and Eagle lover.

  2. Michelle

    I miss seeing pictures of the baby, the human baby! She is the cutest thing (next to my own grand babies, of course). I really look forward to seeing her photo and caption at the end!

    Hollow Pleasantries, Michelle Sabyan Sent from my iPad



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