Nest Update 7-2-14 – To Fludge Or Not To Fludge…..

Good Evening, Fellow BranchJumpers!!

A very interesting day on the nest! It started with a breakfish of a tasty fishy that Arky and Dakota tried to steal from each other but ended up in two pieces so they each had something to nibble on. After a bit Mom came back to the nest and tried to steal the larger part from Arky. She kept possession for a while but Mom finally regained control and proceeded to feed Arky. Dakota squeed his displeasure at Mom and Arky getting the big share of the fish. Around midday Mom flew in again with some tasty fishy  and this time Dakota scored it. It must not have been very big as Dakota made it disappear in jig time. The rest of the afternoon the kids spent on stick play, jumping up and down to the high perches and the mount perch, preening, sunning, and just enjoying themselves.

Around 6:15 pm Arky, who was on the high perch with Mom, tried to flap-leap across to where Dakota perches on the right hand high branch. (Attention: Some speculation follows!) She missed the landing and fell down to the branch below. I do not believe she fell all the way to the ground as we could hear her very close to the mic, (which is mounted to the tree where the cam mount attaches very close to where they like to lay next to the trunk), very soon after she fell. There are several branches under the nest that we cannot see on cam that she may be sitting on trying to claw her way up the nest. This is borne out by the sounds we have been hearing close to the nest that sound just like the time Peace scrambled down the left side of the nest last year. It sounds like twigs breaking as an animal stands on them.

 It was thought at first that Dakota had fallen off of his perch but several chatters and Elaine Black went through the vid frame by frame and found that it was Arky that fludged. Her vid showing the frame by frame analysis is below along with all of the other vids from today. Dakota put in an appearance on camera a while after the fludge and a local spotter that lives near the nest said it looked like he had flown in from behind the nest to the mount perch where the cam was looking at the time. We cannot say for sure if he has flown out of the tree and may have only been flapping down or across from another branch. I am sure we will have positive visual proof of fledge in the very near future.

It is past 2am PDT as I sit here listening to the nest feed and I keep hearing that same something close to the nest. I do believe that it is Arky waiting for the dawn to climb back up to the top of the nest. 2 years ago Harmon fludged all the way to the ground and it took him 2-3 days to work his way back up. Mom and Dad fed him where he was on his journey and there is no reason not to expect that to happen with Arky if she is stuck somewhere below the nest. 

On to the vids and some pics of the day.

I am including all of the vids from today so you can see the progression we went through trying to figure what really happened.

MNBound Eagles ~ Morning Stick Play ~ July 2, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Stick Play Part 2 ~ The Action Continues ~ July 2 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Fish Delivery With Mom Playing Tug O War With Both ~ July 2, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Mystery Drop ~ Dakota Close Ups ~ July 2, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky’s Antics ~ July 2, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota’s Fludge, Fall, Mishap? Come Home Baby ~ July 2, 2014

UPON FRAME BY FRAME REVIEW ~ Arky Fludged Not Dakota ~ Stills and Slow Motion ~ July 2, 2014

MN Bound Eagles 7-2-14 Dakota The Prodigal Eaglet Returns

MN Bound Eagles 7-2-14 The Fludge Was Arky Not Dakota

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom Off Attic Branch ~ Two Possibly Over Pond ~ One Back Over Pond ~ July 2, 2014

 And some pics of the day!

I Apologize! WordPress has completely changed the way to post pics with no warning and I am too tired right now to figure it out. Sorry!

Well I look forward to the sunrise to see what the day holds for us who love this nest. Hopefully we will see Arky back where she belongs and proper fledges when the time comes.

See you on the nest later today.


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7 thoughts on “Nest Update 7-2-14 – To Fludge Or Not To Fludge…..

  1. lemondrop87

    Thanks Rick, Elaine & Talon for the Vidios and the blog report. I have missed a lot but maybe someday I will get caught up with them all, since I found out all that has happened I am going to read & see all day by day and catch up missed ones as I can. Have a good, safe and happy 4th of July to all of you, your family’s and friends. Will look for Aira later when you can post her again. SED to all!! Alice W.

  2. Jo

    Good job, Talon! Thanks! Thanks Rick & Elaine for the videos! I’m sure Arky is just fine and will soon be seen fledging her little heart out over the landscape along with Dakota. Fludge or Fledge, who cares just as long as they’re both ok and we know they are because we can hear their squeeeeeeeeees 😉

  3. Mari

    Hoping everything is ok with Arky. Following Hays nest here in Pittsburgh, Berry College, and MNBound nests. Thanks for all the great reporting. Hoping Arky returns safe.

  4. barbmi

    Thank you Elaine and Rick and Talon too for the great coverage. We’ll hope for the best outcome for little Arky. Excellent videos! Thank you!!!!!

  5. FFMN

    Great footage by Rick & Elaine with the fludge of the fledge. Esp when able to view slow=mo and hear the spooky slooooooow squees. They are marvelous *the Blacks that is) Each nest has it’s drama, and certainly this year. Thanks Tal for the details.


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