Happy Birthday, America!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! The Blog will return tomorrow night at the usual place.

Here are a few vids from today to tide you over.

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky Takes Flight ~ 07/04/14

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, America!!!!

  1. PiggyP

    Want to add my thanks to The Blacks, BB, BBC cam gnomes, talon, and all our great mods. You all keep us up to date and I appreciate all you do ♥♥ Soar high and free Arky! And won’t be long for you Dakota.

  2. Jo

    How fun that ‘Kota is being adventurous and inspecting his domain but I sure hope he doesn’t disconnect something! I’ve often wondered if, when they fledge to other trees, they wonder where all that “stuff” in their tree went and why it isn’t in that tree, too. Thanks cam gnomie, Talon, BBC, MNB The Blacks and anyone else helping to make this all happen and the wonderful season we’ve had.

  3. Lois A Zillmer

    Elaine, I want to thank you and Rick for all you do with this eagle nest. You two have given me hours of enjoyment. I’ve shown these videos to my grand kids, church friends, and anyone else who happens to drop by. Your unselfishness in giving your time for this impacts many with positive results for the Eagles!


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