Nest Update 7-5-14 – A Ducky Saturday

Good Evening, Fellow Nestizens!!

Saturday morning in the nest tree was quiet, languid and restful. We heard Arky and Dakota several times and could just barely see tails and sometimes wings at times on the high perch. 

Around 2:20pm Dad delivered a duck to the nest and Arky came barreling down the tree trunk to claim it. Dakota followed several minutes later and Dad went up the trunk to the right hand high perch. A little bit of jousting for possession ensued with Dakota winning and getting the real first crack at the carcass. Arky came back from her low perch after Daki had broken open the treasure and proceeded to eat her portion. The switching off went for a few rounds until both seemed to lose interest in it. Mom landed about this time and Arky went back to the high perch. Mom fed Dakota a few bites and then finished off the duck. They both went back up to the high perch and things were calm again in the tree. 

Early evening saw another duck brought to the nest. The parent stood on the nest with it until Dakota came down to claim it. The parent then left the nest and Dakota danced around the duck while Arky squeed at him from up high. Then something happened which I nor anyone else I talked to had ever seen on a nest with juvie eaglets in it before. Without taking a bite of the duck Dakota left it on the nest and went back up to his high perch. Arky stayed where she was, too. Mom and Dad also ignored it. The duck lay on the nest for quite some time (like 2 hours ) before one of the adults flew in to claim it. Arky then came storming down and grabbed and mantled it. About a minute later Dakota also came down in a rush and hip checked the adult off the nest. He then went back up the tree without even trying to get the duck away from Arky. She nibbled on it a few times and then lost interest also and headed back up to the balcony perch. The duck, at last sighting as darkness fell, was spending the night alone in the nest. Well, at least breakfish is taken care of but it was a very strange thing to have happened and everyone commented on how they had never seen anything like it on any nest before.


On to the vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ That’s One Tired Eaglet ~ 07/04/14

MNBound Eagles ~ Fire in the Sky ~ 07/04/14

MNBound Eagles ~ Soup’s On ~ 07/05/14

And some pics of the day!

For todays pics I thought I would share a couple of LoveBirdsJGA’s albums. LBJ does hundreds of scaps a day and shares them with us. I feature some of todays albums here tonight. Thanks, LBJ, for all the hard work you have done throughout the season bringing us the beauty of the nest and the eagles!

Our BEAUTIFUL Family!!

Our Beautiful Family – PART TWO!

Those are great pics, grampa!!

Those are great pics, grampa!! Thanks, LoveBirds!!!

I hope your holiday Saturday was pleasant and restful after your 4th of July celebrations!

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 7-5-14 – A Ducky Saturday

  1. Gloria Vincent Keeslar

    I too want to say Thank You to both Talon for an always wonderfully written Blog full of all the important and or entertaining happenings around the nest. I also want to thank LBj for what has to be thousand or more beautiful photos over the eagle season. You both make following this nest a daily gift in so many ways.

  2. LoveBirdsJGA

    Thank you, Jo! That was so sweet of you! Love, love, love sharing the pics of our beautiful eagles. We will miss them when they go – we will be brokenhearted and elated all at the same time. And we will be IMpatiently waiting until February! ❤

    And thank you, Talon! Love reading your blog every day. I've seen lots of people say this, but it is true, goes perfectly with a great cup of coffee — great reading, great coffee, great nest, great eagles! Perfect matches! ❤

    And most of all, thank you, you darling little angel girl! You are the cutest little eagle peeper ever! ❤

  3. Jo

    OMG!! I can’t believe in all this time I’ve thanked BBC, Talon, MNB, DragonLainey, BB, the cam gnomie but I’ve forgotten to thank LBJ!! Jane, your pictures are always awesome and I’ve always enjoyed seeing them. You do such good work and you’re always there just clicking away ready to share your precious finds. A big THANK YOU and (clap) to you, my dear! You’ve added GREATLY to our experience this season and we all can’t thank you enough! God bless you for all you’ve done!


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