Nest Update 7-7-14 – Trust No One

Good Evening, Fellow Nestizens!!

Let me preface this by saying that I speak here only for myself, not as a representative of any company or entity that is involved with a cam of any kind.

As you know I was a moderator for the MN Bound Eagle cam all of last year and part of this year. I also wrote their “official” blog last year and the beginning of this year. Since the mods were let go this year I have continued to blog about the nest here for the balance of the year. I have also been a moderator at the Pip Ostrich cam and at the NEFL Eagle Cam for the AEF. 

Being a moderator comes with some perils and baggage. There is always someone that won’t like the way you answer a question. Or they want to challenge the rules and see if they can get away with it. Or they think there is no need for moderators because “everyone at this cam is nice” and we don’t need you interrupting what we are doing. 

Well, please read the following .pdf and you can see what being a moderator sometimes entails. I warn you now there is bad language in it, none of it mine. Well, one or two words are.

(2) Wendy Briese – Rants

This is what I have been dealing with for the last 15 months since the incident known as modgate happened. The entries in the .pdf that start labeled 2:19am and later happened early in the morning of July 3rd last week just as I was posting the previous days blog. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep that night.

This woman and her pals, the leader of which is clinically paranoid, have decided I am the Great Satan because, in their words, I have “destroyed” the MN Bound eagle cam. The leader also believes that I have been stalking her, hacking her facebook accounts and intimidating her online. You know, I wish I was capable of all the stuff they accuse me of doing. I wish I had the time. 

For the last three months I have been dealing with renal cancer, valley fever(a fungus infection common to the Southwest US) in my right lung, working on 2 TV series and tickling my granddaughter whenever I have a spare minute. Not to mention keeping up with the nest and writing this blog in the wee hours of the morning because thats when I can find the time.

Truth of the matter is I really don’t care about her or her pals except for the fact that the lies they are telling are affecting your experience on the MN Bound eagle cam. This group is directly responsible for the mods being let go and the chat being shut down. They will deny it until the universe grows cold but I have her words to prove it. They harassed MN Bound with their lies to the point of MNB’s lawyers telling them to shut down the cam and chat and let the mods go. Luckily for us they changed their mind about the cam and we did get to watch our beloved pair of eagles have another successful season.

Why are they doing this?? I really don’t know other than the fact that I or one of the other mods banned them at the eagle cam or the O cam last year which is quite an accomplishment considering we only had one easy rule at both of those cams rather than pages of rules like some other cams. What was the rule you ask?? BE NICE! That’s it. Very short, very simple, very easy to obey. Yet these people couldn’t manage even that. Oh, and I did tell a chatter at the O cam to suck on it after she posted a 20 minute diatribe against me on the O cam SS calling me a murderer and worse after Popcorn was injured by the raccoons and had to be euthanized. I did apologize for that remark the next day but they conveniently forget about that. Oh and maybe because I called one of the group on her lies about visiting the nest. They could probably give you many more reasons why, all of them made up and false to fact.

What can be done about them and their lies?? Ignore them. Unfriend them. Let them skulk around in the dank corners of the net with no recognition.

As for me I will still be here writing this blog and watching the nest until they turn the cam off again. And I will be here next year to do the same. 

A short update on the nest: Both Arky and Dakota were heard in the nest tree today and at least one was seen scrambling up the tree after being fed on the nest. We could also see tails up on the high perch and at least one fly-in was observed. Hopefully we will get to see more of them in the coming days.

I hope you had a great Monday and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


PS: Can’t wait to see them try to defend themselves in the comments.

PPS: I do apologize if what I have written spoils your morning coffee. They have been spoiling mine for months 🙂

Here’s a pic of Gbaby to make it better 🙂

Lemme at 'em Granpa!! Ill beat 'em with with this here rib!

Lemme at ’em Granpa!! Ill beat ’em with with this here rib!

59 thoughts on “Nest Update 7-7-14 – Trust No One

  1. GrannyFinch

    Thank you Talon for your work, knowledge, and insights to the eagles, the area, and the nest we all love. I wish you well and I wish you healthy.

    I vote that we vote that some people be completely invisible to us.
    I can’t see them.
    I can’t read what they say.
    They are no part of my life. They do not exist in my existence.
    They are not interesting. They are boring and tiresome to the extreme.
    I have no time in my life for them and am amazingly disinterested in what they say.
    I suggest they make their own Ustream chat page because they are only interested in, or to each other.

    Anyone who feels like I (and many others) feel can join the happy chat at
    We encourage sanity and being NICE there and we enjoy the company of others who feel the same. This chat will be there all the time and is for nest loving nest watchers, no matter the nest.
    “For the Love of Nests & Critters” (Ustream) DOES have MODS and that makes it a great place to be!

    Lynda Sue, your poem is perfect! Thank you.

  2. Chicktrick

    Talon, the best thing, and the worst thing about the internet is anyone can join. I think you are brave and wonderful to continue to give us yourself despite all the trouble. It’s not much but thank you! You, what you do, and the MNB Eagles are a very special part of my life. Having this place has at times made the unbearable bearable. A thousand blessings to you and yours.

  3. Alverna Tracht

    I love you blogs Taylon with photos and captions. Your granddaughter is adorable. I have perched at this site for the last 3 years, love this eagle family, read SS but don’t make comments. There are bad people out there I ignore there comments and increase my computer to full screen so I don’t see them. You blogs keep me up to date when I miss something. God Bless you and make you well

  4. berenike

    Talonstrike, I have been watching the MNB nest and another eagle nest for 3 years now. I have never written anything in the SS, just perched there, watched these amazing bird families and learned. I live in the middle of a big city of a southern European country that has faced a lot of problems these last years. Having the opportunity to watch wild life and learn so much about it was priceless and somehow helped me deal with my everyday life problems. So, Talonstrike, thank you for the time you took from your busy life to write your blog and give us the updates about the MNB nest, and thank you for the smile you put on my face with your witty photo captions! I will not waste any time commenting on those few persons who attacked you. I am just sorry they upset you. They are not worth your time. Please, remember that beside your family (and this beautiful grandchild!) and your friends, you have us, eagle watchers from all over the world, who benefited from the good, positive energy you sent us through your writings. I wish you and your family all the luck in the world!

  5. NDNana

    Talon- this is a repeat of my comment/response to Mike earlier. I felt it deserved to be restated. I wish you and your family well and all the best that life has to offer. Believe me, it is well deserved.

    Mike- It is said that ignorance is bliss, so you must be in a state of EUPHORIA!!!! When discussing something you know nothing about, it’s best to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!

    Talon, although I have in no way,shape or form, been a part of this utterly ridiculous and hateful scheme to try to cause you stress or trouble, I want to apologize for all that you and yours have experienced. These persons live a dark life and just can’t accept when someone is doing well, is positive, well informed and just an all around good person. You intimidate and scare them, involuntarily of course, and serves them right. PLEASE continue being YOU, don’t change in any way. Someday they will be repaid for their ways. LUV ya Talon. Keep up the good wo*k. 🙂
    See you on the nest. 😉

  6. KelJayP

    Oh, Talon, what a shame! I’ve never comprehended how or WHY you (and all Mods) so bravely volunteer and then so kindly share your knowledge and stand your ground amongst this “convocation” of old ladies (including me) that frequent eagle webcams. Thank you for persevering out of love and loyalty to your Minnesota (and ALL) eagles and their friends.

    Whilst this person was wasting untold hours gossiping and planning ways to attack you; you instead somehow remained positively productive with your awesome informative and entertaining blog ~ without question the best in Eaglelandia (thank you also to the generous videographers, screen pic captors, and BBC).

    Block, ignore, and forgettabout that sad loser ~ you have too many wonderful things in your life to spend a second on her nonsense! And know you have the friendship and respect of many, many viewers at nests well beyond your MNB circle.

  7. Sharron

    Talonstrike thank you and everyone else who made videos and were mods on this wonderful eagle site. I have been with this since Harmon and Kirby! Learned so much and involved my 6 grand children and many friends! God bless you Talon and you are in my prayers that your health returns to great and you enjoy that beautiful grand baby of yours. Please be back next year. I don’t even chat just perch and enjoy all the chatters on the special social stream you provided for us after MNB shut theirs down. I got the information from you on H and O’s social stream in Florida. I was so happy! I feel you and all those chatters are my friends and hope I get enough nerve to join in next year! Thanks for all you do and this blog! You are awesome!!!!!


    I’ve enjoyed and very much appreciated your blog. You keep me connected to the Minnesota Bound nest when life’s demands keep me away. I am grateful for that. Truly grateful.

    I was mildly curious, in a nosy kind of way, what happend early this season to cause all the drama. I suspected all along that crazy people and lawyers were involved. Such a shame. It’s supposed to be about the Eagles.

    I know there are many, many people like my out here that have a dee appreciation for what you add to the web cam. Remember us and ignore those few whos behavior is beyond explaination. 

    Thank you. Take care of yourself. We need you ! 


  9. Olivia Nilsson

    I too so enjoy your daily blog, as I no longer have much time to watch the nest live. You have a lovely turn of phrase and your granddaughter is a delight. Prayers streaming your way for your complete and speedy recovery, and may you have a peaceful and pleasant summer/fall. I thank you for your tireless work and look forward to the next season of eagles, and soon to seeing your on the O-cam.

  10. V Roper

    I’ve never chatted or posted, don’t do facebook, but have watched MN cam since Harmon got stuck. I saw the info about Harmon on the SS or chat of the Richmond eagle cam (my first experience watching eagle cams) and have been watching several cams since that day. My husband, brother, son-in-law and several friends have joined me in watching these incredible eagle families. We can all learn from their amazing parenting skills, apply the knowledge in our own lives, and be better for the experience. The drama of the chatters is so very distracting. It really takes away from the wonder of seeing nature as it really occurs. The blog is so enchanting to me – as are the eagle families. I usually only have a few minutes most days to check on my eagles, but can always catch up through the blog. Thanks for giving so much of yourself to those of us who watch and read quietly without making our presence known.

  11. MiasmaWind

    I also know someone like her who has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder). She has a mental disease and a clan of dunces. You are clearly of sound mind and we all appreciate your positive attitude and intelligent blogs. And I feel your responses to her were very mild. I don’t wish ill will to her, but she clearly needs professional help. Maybe a week under the nest in spring time, too 😉

  12. Erika

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog. I hope it is back next year. I will be watching the ostrich cam with you again. I particularly enjoy the blog because I work nights and miss almost all of the action at mnbound. I have seen haters like this before on the Internet. You must ignore them. Stop answering when they speak. My son was stalked online by a hater and he got fed up and shut off the computer. Then my son’s internet hater found his house and moved the stalking to the house. It was over a year before it stopped. It was terrifying. For your own safely and your grandchild;s safety.. do not answer them. They are dangerous.

  13. L. Rumrey

    Dear Talon,
    Until this spring, I was not aware that there was an eagle cam. (I must not get out much!) I found the MN Bound link on a local news site and have been addicted ever since. I found your blog and have looked forward to your knowledge, humor and the personification of the eagle parents, Arky, Dakota and little Skye. (things like “Dad went off to sulk” made my day!). Every day at work, people would ask how the eagles were doing and I would quote your observations and knowledge from your blog. I along with others, learned a lot about these beautiful creatures. I loved your pictures and your beautiful grandchild. I was very saddened to hear about the hate that you have had to put up with. I saw some of it the other day with snarky comments and it seemed that people were no longer interested in the eagles. I wish they did keep the mods around to block these people. It seems that haters can hate better when they sit behind a screen name. They would never go up to you and say it to your face so what they have to say cannot be all that relevant. They take joy in causing trouble and I am very glad that you stood up for yourself to expose it – but even more, that you will continue to be our blogger next year, despite your illness. I hope you can see the comments of people here and take that to heart that you are appreciated and we wish you well! I look forward to next year and hopefully to see this eagle couple come back and raise another family – braving cold, snow, rain and intruders. I will “toon” in to your blog every morning to catch up on things I missed. Have a great summer and fall! See you in February or so!!

  14. Patsy Newman

    I, for one, am very appreciative for all your faithful blog writing for two years. Haters gonna hate! Ignore them cause they hate being ignored! Thanks for everything!

  15. Jeannie Howard

    Hi Talon, Just wanted to say that this has been another great season at MNBound. The posts on the other chat speak for themselves. You done good this year. Loyal and Loving as always. I sure hope we see you at the O site. Definitely gonna need you there. I also want to recommend a book by Dr. T. Colin Campbell from Cornell University entitled “The China Study”. Very enlightening research concerning cancer. Hope you check it out. 🙂 Bobbywh

  16. John

    Would somebody be so kind to send me a copy of the nasty letter. My PDF will not open it. Thank you and GREAT JOB TALON – Looking forward to 2015. Oh, and by the way; I collect eagles. I have over 400 eagles and about 40 paintings and picture.

  17. Lynda Sue

    What more can I say that has not been expressed! Thank you to everyone that has been part of this experience. You have given your time and knowledge so those of us wanting a deeper understanding of these magnificent creatures. You have given us a place to go to learn while having the honor of the company of some amazing people. When the cam shut down and our SS was gone I felt a huge loss. Thankfully the very creative chatters and mods gave us a way to continue. In the past few years you have been my place to go in some very difficult times. I always walk away with a feeling of being a part of something very special. That is something you cannot find in many places. Talon you are a HUGE contributor to that! I am so very sorry you have had to endure such hostility. I feel that if your blog is not someone’s cup of tea… they should just not come here. Simple. Anyone who dose otherwise is a bit disturbed. Pray for them. With that said …. One day on SS we got into limericks. So I will end with this.

    There once was an eaglet named Arky
    That hatched a bit pushy and snarky
    But her colors were true
    Pure red white and blue
    But she’ll always be full of malarkey

  18. NWWISbirder (Sandy)

    Talon you are great! The time spent away from family for moderating and writing the blog is greatly appreciated. The “talon haters” are just jealous and have low self-esteem. They are jealous that you are so good at writing and they are not; you are a mod and they are not; you are very knowledgeable and they are not; and you are greatly respected for your talents and knowledge and they are not. They need to try to bring others down to make themselves feel better. The best way to handle people like that is to ignore them, otherwise you are feeding their illness and giving them the attention they are craving. Just hope and pray they get the help they need. Take care of yourself and KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORKS. Thank you for everything. A great year at For the Love of Nests and Critters and BBC cam. Looking forward to next year.

  19. PiggyP

    Sorry talon. We appreciate you. I’ve enjoyed the MNB nest, For-the-love-of-nests-and-critters mods, chatters, BBC cam gnomes so much this year. You, and many others, worked so hard so the rest of us could enjoy this wonderful eagle family. I sincerely hope MNB will work things out with you and ask you wonderful mods back for a cohesive, safe chat for next year. So glad for another successful year, and hope Mom and Dad come back next year, and that we, as chatters and lovers of these wonderful eagles, can all get along and just enjoy this experience. Praying for your health issues, for you and your family. I support you and your love/knowledge of the eagles. Kisses to yer gbaby and hope you keep your eye to the sky, your nose to the wind, and your spirit soaring with the eagles!! 🙂 Oinkers to ya! ♥♥

  20. Jo

    WOW, Talon, I’m so sorry you had to put up with that. It is such a shame that people like that have nothing better in their lives to do than to TRY to tear someone apart. Scripture says it best when it said: ‘Job 4: 7 “Consider now: Who, being innocent, has ever perished? Where were the upright ever destroyed? 8 As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.’ In other words, you reap what you sow…and I’m afraid there’s been some pretty bad sowing done here on the parts of those trying to “take you down.” I sincerely hope that THEY don’t reap what they’ve sown so nastily!
    However, please note that they couldn’t destroy you! “Nests” was formed and you’ve gone on doing what you do best and there are those of us who are simply grateful that you have done so. I, personally, have loved your sense of humor, your spot on captions and the wonderful sharing of your G’Daughter Arya with us. Always rememeber: You simply cannot argue with ignorance and stupidity, Talon…all you can do is choose to ignore it.
    You may have thought, at one time, that I was “part of that group” but let me assure you, I’ve never been part of “that” group or any group that chooses to TRY to rip to shreds the reputation of someone else. I’ve always had great respect for you, BBC, the Blacks, and BB for all the hard work they’ve done in keeping the cam going and us Eagleholics entertained and aware of what goes on in nature.
    I have to admit, though, that I lost some respect for MNB when they caved and gave in to these rabble rousers and shut the cam down. They regained some when they went live again. Since that time, although I’ve watched the cam daily, I’ve chosen not to chat at the MNB SS because of the nastiness, rabble rousers and mis-information that continually goes on there.
    I am SOOOO thankful (sorry, I know we’re not supposed to repeat letters 😉 but if I could there’d be a gazillion more o’s after that!) that LBJ opened the “Nests” room where sane…and those with a sense of humor…can go to chat, relax and enjoy the nest, the great, correct information given there…not to mention the outstanding chatters who congregate there 😉 and share the fun.
    Talon, I’m so sorry to hear of the challenges you are facing but I know that you will face them with courage and great fortitude. Fight like H E double toothpicks to be there for that adorable G’Daughter and the rest of your family, too. Also, KNOW that you are in my daily prayers…as are all the loyal chatters at “Nests”.
    THREE CHEERS for another successful year of Mom and Dad raising two young and proud Eaglets, Arky and Dakota. Little Skye will always be in our hearts, too.

  21. Kae

    Talon. I am a true follower of your blog & have the utmost respect for you. I find your blogs not only informative but humorous as well. I have learned so much by observing “our” MNB eagles & am grateful we are privelged to do so. Thank you so much for taking of your personal time to bring us a cup of happiness each day. Please take care of yourself, your family & of course G’baby, a little doll!

  22. nycsue

    TalonStrike: As the season wraps up I just want to express my sincere gratitude to you for your dedication to us lovers of little Es & the MN nest. It has been an honor to read your writings daily…they always make me smile with wonder – what a way you have with words! Enjoy a beautiful summer. Love the company of your precious granddaughter. Rest and recover from illness – sending metta your way! Till next season – may you be free from all harm, both inner & outer harm & may you know peace. We love you, TalonStrike! Blessings to you always.

  23. Maggie

    Talon – I can only echo what Ellen Lynch has so thoughtfully iterated in her entry. You not only open the world of nature to urban children but to every one of us. In the chaos of most of our everyday lives, we have lost touch with Nature and the fact that we are part of it. You and all the people involved with the MNBound nest cam are to be complimented for your contributions to helping us re-establish our connections to the world of Nature and our responsibility to that world. I have learned so much, not only about eagles but raptors in general, from the Norfolk nest cam and the MNBound nest cam. I have the greatest respect for you, Shoebutton, and the MNBound mods from last year: the work you all do, the concern you all show for the people who visit the nest cams, and your attempts to keep us informed about what is really going on with our wonderful eagles/eaglets. Wishing you a return to good health and many more years of blogging for MNBound.

  24. Lois A Zillmer

    Talon, this site is a true blessing to all of us. Mean, spiteful people suck, can only pray for them. Your in my prayers for your health, strength to keep up with granddaughter, and to keep doing what you love.

  25. critterwatcher47

    Yes, keep up the good work of your blog. I have been checking it almost every day this season and had to google it and then bookmark it. I don’t much read the SS chat that is on the Ustream cam site. I read them but there isn’t the friendship that I enjoyed when you and Arky and the other mods were there. I first found this cam during the saga of Harmon’s rescue. I do hope the Little Buddy is still flying high and a credit to the bald eagle family. When they shut down the chat it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable and for the short while when the camera was shut down it was like Auughh! my favorite bald eagle nest is gone. I believe I have seen you on the Eaglecrest web cam chat. They are one of my favorite wild life webcam sites I frequently go to.
    This world would be so much nicer if the mean people would just go away and leave the rest of us alone while we watch our eagles and hummingbirds and ospreys and all of the other fascinating critters out there. Prayers and positive thinking for return of good health to you.
    Ellen Lynch’s comments better summarized what I have observed. She did leave out the Dad eagles Obsessive Stick Disorder and how you chatters got a chuckle over his continued trips to Sticks Depot for another one. Well, that is all I can think of at the moment. So I will be watching next season and hope that MNBound will have the camera up and maybe get the infrared light going so there is some night time viewing. Fly high Mom, Dad, Arky and Dakota.

  26. Janette (birdladyj)

    Talonstrike, I have no idea what all went on and at what nest chat/ss and don’t really want to know. I see what I see, and I couldn’t be more thankful for your blog and when you were a mod, I always knew I was getting correct and insightful answers. The last time I was on a chat/ss, there was someone (not a mod) that was giving wrong information about whether an eaglet was hurt, or seen or whatever. It was as if they speculated something and then made it true and I was very confused and it caused stress that just didn’t need to be there. That was the last time I got on a chat or ss as “birdladyj”. Please keep up what you are doing and know that we surely appreciate you!!!!!

  27. Karen

    I thoroughly enjoyed your writing, the pics and videos this season and last. I’m very grateful for your knowledge and willingness to teach the rest of us. Thank you for the hours you spent and the great wit you shared. I love your captions and looked forward to gbaby photos at the end of every post. She is adorable!

  28. Mags

    (Sorry, accidentally posted this on previous update. )

    Thank you for the blog and for all the videos from Dragonlainey. I’m sorry you had to deal with some “haters.” I hope they get the help they need. Looking forward to next year. God Bless.

  29. Mike

    The following is a beautiful representation of how someone, when given the power and authority over others can go horribly wrong.
    Simply put there is a reason why the representatives at MN Bound Eagle Cam made the decision to get rid of chat moderators for their eagle cam on their live stream website. Why? Because Talon Strike was given the opportunity to be a moderator and wasn’t capable of fulfilling the requirements without letting her own personal emotions get in the way.

      1. Michelle

        >Talon. That’s why I thought the guy had the wrong blog. I figure if he’d read a single one, he’d know you weren’t a “her”. Commenting on things you know nothing about is mystifying to me. Anyway, keep up the awesome work! I absolutely love your GBaby photos! She’s a doll 🙂 chelly9999

    1. NDNana

      Mike- It is said that ignorance is bliss, so you must be in a state of EUPHORIA!!!! When discussing something you know nothing about, it’s best to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt!!

      Talon, although I have in no way been a part of this utterly ridiculous scheme to try to cause you stress or trouble, I want to apologize for all that you and yours have experienced that is negative. These persons live a dark life and just can’t accept when someone is positive, informed and just an all around good person. You intimidate and scare them, involuntarily of course, and serves them right. PLEASE continue being YOU, don’t change in any way. Someday they will be repaid for their ways. LUV ya Talon. Keep up the good wo*k. 🙂

  30. Dawn

    I would like to personally say you’re an amazing person. What you provide for us here with these blogs, and updates are very appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to do this in your busy schedule. I will be praying for you and your health to get better. Please keep your head held high as GOD has great plans for you and has been working through you to help us better understand our wonderful raptors. He is not ready for you to go home or you wouldn’t be writing such beautiful humerous amazing blogs. Ignore the haters apparently they don’t have anything better to do but hate and they are the Great Satan because that’s who lives in their hearts. NOT YOURS. Thank you for everything you provide for us. I have learned a great deal about eagles/eaglets through you and SS and our moderators. I look forward to every season and truly experience “empty nest” syndrome when our babies fledge. Please don’t stop what you are doing. I pray you have the strength you need every day to continue doing what you do. And to keep up with that beautiful gdaughter. She looks like she can have some energy.

    Best wishes and know we love you and appreciate you so very much,


  31. Bunnie

    Talon, I thank you for your wonderful blog and the time & energy YOU spent in putting it forward.

    Suffice to say that the person who wrote the garbage IS NOT THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED!

    Good luck to you and your family and hope to see much more of you. ❤

  32. barbmi

    It can’t be said enough – thank you so very much for the time and love put into the blogs, videos and pictures from all of you eagle lovers…..especially you, Talon, for the effort while battling your health problems and a job too. I just know that granddaughter makes you feel loved when being with her – kids have a way of making us forget our problems and concerns. I have not seen what the nasty people were writing but know the feeling well. It happened to me when defending our priest a few months ago…..nasty untrue statements posted….just unbelievably hurtful. Stay strong for so many of us love your work and love of nature….and way of educating us. We know these people are lower than dirt and lets just scrape them off our shoes and move on. You’re one fine man and your granddaughter is sooo lucky to have you in her life. God bless!

  33. FFMN

    Talon, you know by now how most of the viewers feel about the nest(s) and those that oversee them. The personalities of the viewers will be immensely reflected by their posts, their outlook in life in general. Maybe the hosts providing the cams should have only TRUE Moderated sites whereby each post is visually scanned by the Mods BEFORE they are cleared to post. (That would eliminate SS and have CHAT only. Fine by me). The scathing, the pessimist, over and beyond the trolls, can be eliminated before harm is done to the integrity of the nest. You will be included in my special ‘specific prayer’ for others. I know many others will do the same. In numbers, we achieve the seemingly impossible. Good job re today’s post!!

  34. Peggy

    I could not agree more with Kevin — it is really a shame that people can turn something as fascinating and educational as an eagle cam — into negative drama focused on themselves. Drama like that has no place on the perch, and unfortunately the bad apples out there negatively affected our wonderful moderators, including Talon here, and got the camera shut down. I hope and pray that the cam will continue. I have learned so much about the eagles, and the pics and videos have really played a huge part in helping me deal with the grief and loss of loosing both my parents recently. Dad and Mom LOVED eagles. So I always have happy thoughts when I watch the eagles and their chicks. Well, let me say i don’t have happy memories when they are eating –that gets a little gross! 🙂 ha ha! So to all the mods that read this, and Talon, feel free to share this with all your mod friends, thank you so much for all you do. You have blessed many, educated many and provided a great service along with the Camera operators, and BBC. Thank you thank you thank you!


  35. fran

    talon, i will ditto all of the above comments. i have so much appreciation for all of your work and knowledge. please communicate to mnb and bbc, to please keep the cam going next year, and the next etc. i love your humor, your writing, your time. take care of yourself, i think you have a lot of support out here in eagle nest land. blessings, fran p.s. indeed, i feel as if you are a friend.

  36. Betty

    I really enjoy your daily update and look forward to it every day. Keep up the good work despite those who offer dumb remarks. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this eagle family grow and thrive thru your many posts an videos. Thank you so Much.

  37. Mari

    It’s good to have a sense of humor about these things. I watched the Hays nest this year and such people exist there as well. Unfortunately they upset everyone and there isn’t much you can do about it. I just joined your site and I enjoy your writing. I hope you continue because I am a fan and have watched this nest and Berry College along with Hays from the beginning!

  38. Anne

    Thank you for all your work, Talon. The blog and videos are my guilty pleasure at work every morning. Three words: do. not. engage. It’s bad for your peace.

  39. Heidi Fredrickson (wilma68)

    It is sad that there are people in this world that can’t be happy unless they are causing problems for others. I love watching the cam and reading your blog. Please don’t stop. I can’t always watch but I check the blog everyday for updates. Talon, you do great work and you’re dedication to the Eagles is amazing. Your a great person and I wish there were more people like you in the world. Best wishes. Wilma68

  40. Carol Steffensmeier

    Thank you for your blog. But please don’t respond to such vile chat. Just ignore! I’m afraid that the gift of the cams will be very short lived if people continue to blog in this fashion. I just want to enjoy the eagles!

  41. Curly312

    I consider you a friend of mine even if I don’t know your real name. Doesn’t matter. I may not always agree with what you have to say. That doesn’t matter either. No one gets along all the time, but friends overlook the things they don’t like and focus on what they do. I love the blogs and very much appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. I know that everyone at Nests and Critters loves you so very much!!<3 Keep up the great work and don't let the worry warts bring you down. They are gnats and don't deserve anymore recognition than that!

  42. kathye1141

    Excellent post, Talonstrike. I have found your leadership and guidance to be invaluable over the past few eagleseasons. The education alone would have been reward enough for my accidental, serendipitous discovery of the eagles at MNBound. To paraphrase an old wheeze: As long as I soar with eagles like you & the good mods, there is no way the low flying turkeys can pull me down.
    Thank you immeasurably for another season of “higher education”.

  43. Harriet

    Talon, I have really enjoyed your presence as a mod, then here on your blog!!! Please keep up the good work. Maybe next season MNBound will have the mods back or maybe you will still be here at your own site. Either way, you have enriched my eagle experiences and always answered my questions.
    Also, it really made things better for me when I finally learned of the Ustream site for the bloggers and could have that SS up while watching MNBound.
    Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!

  44. deeagle55

    I want to Thank You and those that do the videos , for all you do to keep me and others informed about this nest with out the drama! My “home” nest as I call it , was “attacked” this yr by the same group that just came from the O cam. The terrible things said and how “they ” felt things should be handled by the Mods and the owner of the cam, was down right wrong. Demanding this and that be done and all they seceded in doing was having the SS turned off for a bit and the Facebook page. SMH really!? is this their mission in watching Eagle cams or any other cam they watch? I have seen them at every nest this yr that might have an issue of some kind. It’s really sad to think there are ppl out there that have nothing better to do than to cause upheaval every where they go. All of you mods on each every one of the nest … My hat off to all. You all do a great job. Thank You again for a safe place to get information about this family with out all the drama.

  45. Dawn

    I am sorry that you and MN Bound have to deal with people like that. I enjoy your blog and am very thankful to be able to look in on the lives of these beautiful eagles. It brings me peace to watch them. Talonstrike you are awesome. Keep up the great work. You are in my prayers. I love the pics of your granddaughter. She is very blessed to have you in her life. It is sad that those people have to be like that. Not trying to make a joke, but those people need Jesus. It is sad to try take something beautiful and educational and ruin it because you are not happy.
    Thank you again for all of your hard work.
    God Bless

  46. Ellen

    Thank you for posting this blog on a daily basis. I really appreciate it. I hate confrontation and will avoid it at all cost. I have no idea why some people want to argue on a cam that is put up for the enjoyment of all people. Bad manners is all it is and when it borders on hatred they should be banned from the chat. Keep up the good work Talonstrike. You are very much needed as a voice of reason.

  47. Michelle

    Wow! That Person sounds insane. I always believe people like her had some very horrible things happen to them in their childhood that have never been resolved. The lack of control they felt as a child is carried into adulthood, and they abuse other people as a way to make themselves feel better. I do not, in any way, feel sorry for them! We’re all responsible for our behavior when we grow up. There is TONS of help out there, and these days with the internet, it’s mostly free. To that crazy ranting woman: please get help, before it’s too late for you and your family.

  48. Kevin

    It is a shame that some people have to act that way. I would like to thank you for all your efforts here. Without your lovely blog I would have a hard time keeping up with all the action here on the nest. Most of my days are very busy and don’t allow me to watch the cam and I would have missed so much. Through your posts and the videos I have been able to keep up with the eaglets and watch them grow. Thank YOU!

    1. Ellen Lynch

      Hi Talon, I would like to share with you the impact you’ve had on the children in my fourth grade classroom in Florida. We have a large Smartboard in our classroom onto which we are able to project images. We started watching this nest in the spring when the eggs were beginning to hatch (the video was so wonderfully clear, and we loved the sounds). Each morning, we would arrive at school, eager to see the newest development. Before going in, however, I would always check your blog for explanations of the activities that occurred the day before. I am not an eagle expert and relied upon you to help me deliver accurate interpretations of the behaviors we’d see. I also always viewed the videos posted each day by Dragonlainey and Birdbrain (thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work!). I’d show my students those video highlights, and read aloud your explanations. We laughed over Mom’s way of ruling the roost; we wept over Skye’s death but understood this was part of nature; we rejoiced at each step toward maturity taken by Arky and Dakota; we fussed over Arky’s dominance of Dakota but appreciated your post that explained that very natural behavior. School ended well before the fledge, but I know some of my students have continued to check in throughout the summer (as have I, every day). This camera, this blog, the videos, and the chatters who were knowledgeable (thanks Shoebutton!) are more than just entertainment. They are a means of opening a world of nature to city-bound kids. And those children now care so much more about the well-being of these majestic birds. You, and MNBound, and the cam operators, and Dragonlainey, and Birdbrain, and Shoebutton are conspiring to create something wonderful – a real-life drama, education, and inspiration that will have an impact for this young generation and the future. So I’m praying for your health, your family’s well-being, and the health of everyone else involved in this gift to our children. I’m also sending best wishes over the wind to Arky, Dakota, Mom, and Dad.

      1. Eaglessoarfree

        I am a teacher as well and I’ve shared this cam with special education and now ELL students. The difference in the lives of my students can’t be measured! Like you, we watched the eggs and waited with breathless anticipation for them to hatch! We also laughed when Dad brought in many of his sticks! 🙂 We always enjoyed feeding time and laughed how they would all line up to get fed. At first they thought Arky was mean when she would bonk Dakota and Skye but I explained to them that this was normal eagle behavior. We cried when we lost Skye but we learned that sometimes nature isn’t very nice. I found that my students were more focused and worked harder when the cam was on. I believe the nature sounds were soothing to them. When BBC’s cam gnome panned for us and we got to see the eagle’s neighborhood, Goose Island, and the surrounding beauty of the nest, my students’ eyes sparkled in wonder. Like your students, mine live in the city and without this cam would never have been able to experience this miracle of nature. This experience has been such a blessing to them and it is something they will never forget. Thank you to Talon for his tireless dedication and devotion to this nest by writing this blog. Many times I used your words of wisdom to help answer questions, ease fears, or give my students a laugh. You have touched my students’ hearts and I can’t thank you enough for that.

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