Nest Update 7-9-14 – A Tasty Fishy And A Full Branching!

Good Evening, Fellow BranchLeapers!!

As the day started with calm winds and copious sunshine it looked to be a very nice Hump Day in the cottonwood. The cam was on the nest most of the morning until we lost the feed around 10am. It came back up about 1230pm just in time for a fishy delivery to the nest. Daki came fluttering down from his high perch and claimed it for his own. Arky was heard in the tree but didn’t come to the nest to vie for possession. Daki then had himself a real nice lunch of tasty fishy and filled his crop. He went up to the mount perch to digest and feak his beak. After a few minutes Mom came down and Daki let her know he was not happy she was going to finish his fish. Finally he jumped down to the nest and Mom shared what was left with him by feeding him bites. She, of course, got the tail for her efforts.

Daki then retired to Arky’s low branch perch and spent the afternoon preening, crop dropping and napping away the warm hours of the day. A couple of times it looked like he was going to try a leap across to the fat branch where Dad sometimes sits but he changed his mind every time. Well, until early evening, that is.

Around 7 in the evening he finally decided it was time to go. He was fairly far out on the low branch and he made the leap across to the branch that hangs down toward the ground from Dad’s perch branch. He hung out there for a while and then made the leap back to where he started. Some were saying he fledged and some were saying No he only branched as that is part of the nest tree. I like to give him credit for at least half a fledge as he bravely leapt across a 75 foot fall with grace and aplomb. I hope he finds his way to the larger part of the sky tomorrow and plays games with his sister on the silky Minnesota breezes. As darkness fell he was sitting on that perch where he landed dreaming of flights to come.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

So you can compare intruder juvies here is the video from the day the cam came back on this year that shows the intruder. I think they look very similar.

MN Bound Eagles 3-6-14 Juvie Gets Escorted Off Nest

And todays vids:

MNBound Eagles ~ P Delivers Fish For Dakota ~ Part 1 of 2 ~ July 9, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota and The Fish ~ Part 2 of 2 ~ July 9, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota & Cottonwood Snow In July ~ July 9, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota’s Lovely Wingspread ~ July 9, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Dakota Branches To A New Branch & Back Again ~ July 9, 2014

And todays pics!

Two sets from Lovebirds today!

Go Dakota GO

I Am Eagle

For Comparison. Thanks Elaine!

For Comparison. Thanks Elaine!

Moooom! That's my fish!  Dad said so!!

Moooom! That’s my fish! Dad said so!!

Entree' of the day: Fishy on a stick.

Entree’ of the day: Fishy on a stick.

Hmmm! That is a LONG way down!

Hmmm! That is a LONG way down!

I'll bet she's coming to steal my fish!!

I’ll bet she’s coming to steal my fish!! 

YIPPEE!  Dakota half fledged!! Ummm That's good, right??

YIPPEE! Dakota half fledged!! Ummm That’s good, right??

Hope your Hump Day was as nice and easy as the one on the nest. We’ll see you in the tree tomorrow!


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