Nest Update 7-16-14 – Field Trips And Flying Squees!

Good Evening, Fellow PanWatchers!!

A little something eagle related before we get to the nest day.

If you didn’t already know our own glo77, Gloria Keeslar, is a pet photographer by trade and avocation. Her passion in life though is photographing the eagles that gather by the lock and dam complex on the Mississippi River near her home. You have seen her photos in many places on the net and they are some of the best that I have seen. She has been hard at work the last few months putting together a book of the best of her work and it is now ready for ordering. 

If you would like to see a preview of the book please click here: Spirited Flight

The book is available in softcover and hardcover from the Blurb site but she is also making available for a limited time signed copies of the hardcover edition only. For the next ten days if you send a check direct to her at the address below she will autograph a copy and send it direct to you. The signed editions are $58 and that includes tax and shipping. 

Gloria Keeslar

4343 16th Street #179

Moline, IL 61265

Please make the check payable to Gloria Keeslar. Please include all of your shipping details with the check.

The signed editions are a limited time offer and no more will be offered after the ten day period.

Gloria has told me that a portion of every book sale will be donated to REGI and a rehab facility in Illinois called Hoo Haven. So the more books you buy the more of our beloved raptors you will help.

If you love eagles this is a book you need to have in your collection.

On to the nest happenings today.

Well, to tell the truth there wasn’t much happening on the nest today. The cam was on autopan for a lot of the day but we didn’t really see much of the eagles. They were heard in the tree a few times and at a distance but they seem to be venturing further afield in their explorations. The panner came by in the afternoon and did spot the juvies a couple of times in the car counting tree and Arky dropped in late evening to the nest tree for a brief appearance before flying off to her new night perch. No feedings or wrestling matches took place on the nest but when Arky was seen her crop looked pleasantly filled. The parents were seen a few time on the high perch and on Dad’s perch across the way. There was an adult call session early in the day as Mom? warned someone away from the no fly zone. In the afternoon the panner did spot a different type of raptor on the far pole. As we watched it dive bombed something in the far field. Some thought it was Mom or Dad but it was light colored all over and was much smaller than an eagle. It could have been a Red Tailed Hawk or a peregrine falcon.

On to the vids of the day.

MNBound Eagles ~ Glimpses, Deer, Flight ~ July 16, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Arky On Tree Branch ~ Fly Off ~ Perched On Nest Limb ~ July 16, 2014

And a set of pics from LoveBirds of Arky’s visit this evening

We are discussing an end of the season chat for all of the eagle lovers. We will have it at the Nests site in the footer below. Watch here for the announcement of when it will be.

Hope you had a great day and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks! 

2 thoughts on “Nest Update 7-16-14 – Field Trips And Flying Squees!

  1. PiggyP

    Thanks for the info on Glo book. Wouldn’t miss it! She’s got a real talent for capturing our wonderful eagles. And thanks for the updates on our E family.

  2. Jo

    Thanks for the blog, Talon. Looks like the kiddies are doing well…as expected! They’ve been taught well by Mom and Dad and now they’re off to be the beautiful eagles they were meant to be. Happy they’re doing so well but sad to see them go. Another fairly successful season and looking forward to the next one with all our chatters. Thanks to all who made this such a GREAT experience!


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