Nest Update 7-20-14 – Squee Sunday

I call it Squee Sunday because that’s about all we had today to tell us that there were eagles in the tree and the area. The panner did catch a few glimpses of them on the high perch and out at the far perching tree but except for a short time this afternoon we didn’t see any of them around. I think the ducks in the pond got more airtime than the eagles did today. Arky and Dakota did come to the nest late in the afternoon to rest up for more squeeing later in the evening.

The difference between last year and this year post fledge is quite marked. Last year it seemed that the nest was still the place to hang out, nap, eat and play. This year they took to the high branches early and have made them their main places to spend their days. Every nest is different every year and even though they have made it harder for us to keep track of them this year it is still fun to watch and speculate what is going on with them.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have some plans set for an end of the season chat party and what I will be doing here on the blog for the rest of what’s left of the season and beyond.

Sorry there are no vids from today (hard to have a highlight video when there were none!) 🙂

If you need some video to watch there is a highlight from last night of the cops shining their spotlights on the nest:

I hope your Sunday was every thing you wanted it to be and we’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Nest Update 7-20-14 – Squee Sunday

  1. Jo

    HUH!! Cops spotlighting the nest huh? They lookin to arrest our kiddies for POOING on their windshield? LOL Way to go Arky and ‘Kota! Keep the POO DROPS coming! 😉

    1. Barbara Cartwright

      There was a feeding around 1 pm today which was hard to tell which eaglet but I believe it was Arky there alone and then a drop around 5 pm which Arky got all by himself and now I hear poor Dak squeeing. Is Dak getting any food or is Mom still favoring Arky who has had a full crop for the last several days.
      Thanks so much for your early morn reports.

  2. Dawn

    Hi Talon,
    Could you be so kind as to tell me when the camera’s will be going down for the season? And also if I may when will they be coming back up? I will miss our babies and P’s and can’t wait till next season to start the worrying and laughing all over again. Being an eagleholic is rough stuff I tell you. LOL. I worry about those babies just as much as I worry about my human kids. If I could foster Eagles I surely would. But I’ll let that up to the experts and to the Eagle parents as they know what to do better than I could. I’m just glad all of you experts and BBC give us the pleasure of enjoying these beautiful raptors every season. And I’m so looking forward to your blogs everyday. You, Mr. Talon, are a very talented young man. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. God Bless you and I will be saying prayers for your health.



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