Nest Update 7-25-14 – Ins And Outs And Hanging Out…

Good Evening, Fellow TreePerchers!!

Sorry about no blog yesterday but it was so blah that there wasn’t even any highlights to show you. A couple of glimpses of the the kids were had during the day while the cam was on autoseek and lots of off camera squees were heard. The panner did arrive late in the day to find them out counting cars again but that was about it for yesterday.

Today started wet and wild as a thunder front moved through around dawn. They must have gotten wet and tired as the kids spent a lot of time on the nest today resting and preening. No feedings on the nest today but we did hear feeding squees in the tree and the panner followed one of them to a perch way back in the leaves to the right of the nest as the feeding was going on. Good job, panner!!

As evening darkened they were both out at the far perch watching for speeders. We kept hearing strange loud noises near the mic which is buried in the nest where the mount attaches to the tree. Dragonlainey found the culprit in the 2nd video below. You won’t believe what was making all that noise. As the darkness deepened both of the kids left the perch on their own and returned to the tree to spend the night.

On to the vids of the day.

MNBound Eagles ~ Highlights Up To 5 PM ~ July 25, 2014

MN Bound Eagles 7-25-14 Little Noise Maker & Evening Highlights

And some pics of the day!

LovebirdsJGA has a nice collection from today.

I hope your Friday was good and that it put a nice period to the sentence of your week. We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “Nest Update 7-25-14 – Ins And Outs And Hanging Out…

  1. Jo

    Lil Noisemaker moved so fast I couldn’t tell what it was! Still don’t know even though I watched it over and over and over again! Oh well…good catch DragonLainey and panners! LBJ got some wonderful shots, too! You’ve all done a great job this year so many, many, MANY thanks to you all along with a royal bow to our blogger, Talon!

  2. Audrey Olson

    Wow. That little critter sure was noisy. I expected a coon. Didn’t realize the mic was under the nest. Good catch Dragonlainey. Love all these blogs & that cute grand baby too. This is my first year watching the cams & reading the blogs but won’t be my last. Have become way to attached to Arky & Dakota. Such sweeties & they are downright hilarious at times. Helps to keep my mind off my own troubles with cancer. Thank you all for the excellent reporting & videos. Health & happiness to everyone.

  3. barbmi

    Thank you, Talon, for your committment to this wonderful eagle family! I love reading your blogs and watching the videos and pictures made possible by some wonderful people. Excellent devotion from the panner (s?) too. Thank you all !!!!!


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