Cam Update 31 July 2014 – Cam Shutoff Tomorrow

Just announced on the MN Bound Live Eagles page about an hour ago:

We want to thank all of you for another wonderful season at the eagle nest. Tomorrow will be our last day of live broadcast from the nest. We will be turning off the camera for the 2014 season and looking forward to 2015. We hope you have all enjoyed watching and learning once again this year – another successful year at the Minnesota Bound Eagle nest! From all of us at Minnesota Bound and Broadband Corp, thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next year!



15 thoughts on “Cam Update 31 July 2014 – Cam Shutoff Tomorrow

  1. bobbie nelson

    This year showed us many things. We learned about how Eagles waste nothing and that was a toughie to watch.
    This year I was able to follow my observations about Eagle behavior questions from the previous year namely, when mom or dad sounds the danger alert, no matter how young or old the kids are, they pancake and lay perfectly still. I learned it is possible to ID chicks by the formation of their talons which helped greatly when they go caught up with in growth, the talons still looked the same.
    All of you who put so much time and love into this Nest for us, I thank you. I was never a big talker because of my habit of going full screen off and on. I did enjoy the banter back and forth.
    Thanks Talon for leading this group one more year under some pretty adverse conditions.
    Maybe next year a proposition can be done up and presented to MNB and BB for the stability of the program and viewers.
    Thanks again.
    Love all the videos. I get homesick during the winter and spend time watching the highlights.
    Bobbie- MNMooonie

  2. PiggyP

    Adding my thanks for sticking with us and our wonderful MNB eagle family. Gonna miss them and your blogs greatly. I’ll bring the kleenex for the last day tomorrow. A big shout-out to all who helped us enjoy our eagles so much! Fly high, soar free Arky & Dakota!!

  3. Jo

    Great job all season long, Talon…and I hope you’ll continue your blog of another site we all know and love. A special thank you goes to the Blacks and LBJ for all your wonderful videos and pictures. You made this season extra special! Can’t wait til next season! See you all around the net! 😉

  4. barbmi

    Thank you, Talon, and all the wonderful people who supplied videos and pictures. This is such an amazing site! I will miss the daily updates and the eaglets and parents…..just so exciting to watch nature up close. I am sad to see it end! Wishing you good health, Talon, and keep spending time with that precious granddaughter. Thank you so much!

  5. Chris

    Thank you, Talon! Your blog was the first thing I read each morning. I will certainly miss it and you. Take care. Hope to see you again next season if not before.

  6. lemondrop87

    Thanks to you Talon and to the cam team also, all of you have done a magnificent job and I know it has not been easy. Good luck to all of you during your time off and looking forward to next season already. Take care of Aeril and give her plenty of hugs, love & kisses.

  7. Marion Fratus

    Thanks so much Talon for all the blogs. Even though I would perch and watch, there was always something I would miss and looked forward to the video links you would post. Hope all goes well for you and look forward to seeing you again next Spring!

  8. Mari

    Thank you Talon! It has been so nice to look in on the daily activities. You are very talented as a writer! Thank you for taking the time to do this.
    I’m looking forward to next year!

  9. Jean

    Thank you Talon for your Blog, I looked forward to reading it every morning. Always learned something from it and always had a good laugh from your descriptions. Loved the videos and pictures, a big thank you to those that provided them. Hope to see you all in 2016. Thank you again.

  10. USA

    Talon, I sincerely thank you for your observations! I have enjoyed every one of them. I hope you continue your blog, I know you watch other nests, so updates on any are appreciated. Bless you and yours, and hopefully good health news for you!

  11. Peggy

    I’ll miss your posts and blog TalonStrike! thanks for all you have done this year and in past years. please come back next year!!!!!!

  12. Sharon Knutson

    I do hope all the bad feelings will be ended and we can look forward to another fascinateing season in the spring!
    Thank you Talon for all the videos and updates!
    You were very dedicated and appreciated?!
    Thanks again!!


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