Nest Update 30 July 2014 – A Panner Patrolling Day

The panner left the cam on patrol today so we were treated to many views of parts of the tree. Early this morning the kids put in an order for breakfish that went ignored by the powers that be at that time. Later on in the morning another duck specimen was delivered and a bit of the usual gymnastics over food took place. A Red Headed Woodpecker also came to call. Lots of fly ins and outs were seen today as the cam panned around. The afternoon and evening were quiet around the nest until the juvies showed up to try their hand at nest building and repair.  After a nice comical interlude of the two of them trying to place the stick, the stick tired of the game and took the easy way out by diving off the nest. He is probably better off wherever he ended up. As darkness fell completely it was thought Daki was spotted sitting on Dad’s perch up across the way.

On to the vids of the day!

MNBound Eagles ~ 5:49 A.M. Call For Breakfish ~ July 30, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Food Delivery ~ Arky Fends Off Dakota ~ Beautiful Flights ~ July 30, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ All About Arky Being Arky and Doing The Swan Dive From Tree ~ July 30, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ I Spy Mr Wilson Kilroy Was Here Hey It’s A Juvie July 30, 2014

And some pics!

Elaine's Montage of the day

Elaine’s Montage of the day

It goes over here!! No, it goes over here!!

It goes over here!! No, it goes over here!!

The coward jumped!! And just went it was getting interesting, too!

The coward jumped!! And just went it was getting interesting, too!

Sure hope Dad wasn't watching!!

Sure hope Dad wasn’t watching!!

Hope you all had a pleasant midweek day today. We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!


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9 thoughts on “Nest Update 30 July 2014 – A Panner Patrolling Day

  1. Jo

    uh huh that old stick jumped right off the nest, we didn’t push it or nuttin, it just screamed and jumped! That’s our story and we’re stickin to it 😛
    Cute Talon! Keep on keeping on! You know I loves ya!
    Good job all season long and kudos go to Talon for his blog, the Blacks for their wonderful videos and to LBJ for her great screen captures! Can’t wait til the new season and new kiddies to watch grow up and become the beautiful creatures YHWH (God) meant them to be!

    1. Elaine Black

      The stick was surely the funny moment of the day. I was laughing at Rick when he was editing that video. He was so great to help me out yesterday. His commentary went on and on about the stick and had me rolling with laughter without even seeing it first. When I watched the clip, I laughed some more. Laughter is really such a good thing. Thank you for your nice comment. 🙂

  2. Tim Malatinsky

    Rick and Elaine, thank you both so much for everything that you do. This is my 1st year of following the Minnesota Bound Eagles. I have been watching since the eggs were laid and all 3 of them hatched. I have found it very informative and very educational. Now that Arky and Dakota are growing and getting around on their own, I have found your blog and the daily pictures and videos and have been very impressed with all that you do. My wife follows the Minnesota DNR Eagles so we both have different things to compare and talk about. I know the DNR eagles are older that Arky and Dakota, but as far as I’m concerned Minnesota Bound Eagles is the best camera. Again, thank you for everything that you both do and keep up the good work. I know the camera season is coming to an end, but I will be checking in from time to time and keeping Arky and Dakota in my thoughts, just as I will with you two. Tim Malatinsky, Lansing, MI

  3. fran

    talon, thanks for the info above. we’ve been gone for 2 wks. I’ve been playing catch-up on the nest goings on. I too, am happy that you’ll keep the blog up over the winter. what started out as a strange situation this year has been great for a lot of us, but a lot of time and work for you. I was a newbie last year and didn’t chat. enjoyed reading and learning. this year I never did figure out how to put the live nest with the critters chat. people tried to help me in the chat room, but I just wasn’t able to complete the feat. your blog became very important to me. it still is, I hope you’ll be able to keep it going in the future. I so enjoy your writing and captions to the pics. thank you again and again, take care, blessings, fran

  4. Dawn

    Talon or someone,

    Can someone please tell me when the cam will be going down for the season? Not that I want it to I just know it will be. Don’t want to be caught off guard.

    Thank you,


  5. Lois A Zillmer

    Hi Rick and Elaine, great vids and pix once again. Question: are A & D considered Juveniles now? If you have time to answer I would appreciate it, but, I know you both have lots to do, so won’t be upset if you can’t answer. Are 7/30 videos also posted on YouTube? Also, will your site, TalonStrike, be available after the cam is turned off? I save all the videos you two have posted so I can watch them this winter. Just call me Curious George this morning. Anyway, thanks again for all you do for us watchers. Lois A Zillmer

    1. Elaine Black

      Hi Lois. Thank you for your comments. We really have Talon to thank for posting our videos on his blog. 🙂 Our video’s are all on YouTube and you can view any of them anytime you wish.


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