Nest Update – 31 July 2014- And So It Goes..….

Good Evening, Fellow FellowTravellers!!

The day on the nest, which turned out to be the penultimate day of our 2014 season, was a lot like the rest of the days this week. The cam was parked on the nest for a good part of the day and we only had some short viewings of the juvies as they bounced around the tree squeeing at Mom and Dad to bring them something to play with. We could hear them both near and far away and when the cam pan man did show up he scanned around to all the usual places but they were nowhere to be seen.

During his scan the Great Blue Heron was spotted in the bushes in the pond that are all that remain of Goose Island, otherwise known as Atlantis. The cam became a GBH cam for a good portion of the afternoon as we watched an exercise in avian patience that is a hallmark of a GBH on a hunt for snacks. His patience was rewarded several times as he caught and swallowed what were probably frogs and maybe some minnows that might still exist in the pond.

Toward the end of our time with the GBH what has to be one of the best fly ins we have seen occurred. Who I think was Arky came flying from the far perch right through the frame and gave us a great highlight to almost end the year on. The vid and some really great scaps are below.

In case you didn’t see my previous post this was posted on the MN Bound Live Eagles page about 3pm today:

We want to thank all of you for another wonderful season at the eagle nest. Tomorrow will be our last day of live broadcast from the nest. We will be turning off the camera for the 2014 season and looking forward to 2015. We hope you have all enjoyed watching and learning once again this year – another successful year at the Minnesota Bound Eagle nest! From all of us at Minnesota Bound and Broadband Corp, thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next year!

It is kind of short notice and it would have been nice to have a little bit more warning but a lot of us felt that it was coming soon even though we have had no communication from MNB at all. Tis better to be over with quickly.

Tomorrow late afternoon and evening we will have an end of the season chat at the For The Love Of Nests and Critters Ustream page. Please join us as we relive the season and look forward to next year.

The rest of the evening at the tree saw a few more fly ins and outs and both of the juvies showed up for a squee session on the nest and lower branch. They did a double fly-off to wherever they are spending the night these days and we listened as they squeed at the sun going down. Dad came home and parked on his favorite perch as darkness overtook the tree.

On to the vids and pics of the day.

MNBound Eagles ~ Quick Visits ~ Morning Highlights ~ July 31, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ “Juvie & Blue Heron” ~ With Slow Motion ~ July 31, 2014

MNBound Eagles ~ Flight & Double Flight by Arky & Dakota ~ July 31, 2014

And some pics from today!

Lovely collage of the fly in by Elaine Black. Thanks!

Lovely collage of the fly in by Elaine Black. Thanks!

there goes

Doesn't that heron know there are no fish in there??

Doesn’t that heron know there are no fish in there??

What noisy neighbors!! I think I'll try the next pond down!

What noisy neighbors!! I think I’ll try the next pond down!

Dakota, why u hide under there??

Dakota, why u hide under there??

My final daily (mostly 🙂 ) blog of the season will coincide with the cam shutdown tomorrow night. I will continue to post updates as warranted and will try to keep you abreast of happenings in other parts of the cam world. I may even enumerate my dealings with the labyrinth of the health care world which has already been an adventure and we haven’t even gotten to the juicy parts yet!

We don’t have an exact time for the shutdown but I feel it will be after full dark tomorrow. There was no indication whether or not the Social Stream at the cam will be shut down also. I guess we will have to wait and see.

We will see you in the tree tomorrow!


If you have been wondering where the mods went we are here: Also click to join the MN Bound Chatters group on Facebook: It is a closed group so just click and one of the admins will add you toot-suite. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “Nest Update – 31 July 2014- And So It Goes..….

  1. Mary Anne Nelson

    I am new to your blog Talon and have enjoyed it. I was also new to this nest, Started on it with the hatch and went from there. I watched many nest this year but this is the only one that every time I tuned in there was some ongoing squabble .I saw the volunteer mods attacked and even got my own hand slapped. It was like a turf war all the time and yes it boiled down to one main person and eventually a co conspiriter. I want all to know that I did ALL my own extensive research on these 2 people and my opinion was formed completely by that. If they are reading I sincerely would hope that they can become a better people and read the handwriting on the wall and consider leaving. If they can’t leave then maybe try listening and refrain from commenting. I would remind the one person that I have read Many times her say “this is friendly site and we invite all opinions .We don’t need mods because we ALL have knowledge we can share” Not exact words but very close(and heard her say more than once). So please live up to your OWN words and back off. If you are that intent on being the boss and making your word final Then apply for the job as Mod to this nest with the BBC. Otherwise you have NO authority to act like one –I take that back-Real mods don’t act like you. Now from my research I see that you probably do know a lot about Eagles . I will give you that .But the rest of us do too at different degrees. Do you understand how great a person might feel when they can contribute a fact or opinion to a fellow chatter?? Makes them FEEL GOOD! Why would you want to take that away from them?? There are NICE ways to correct a person on a fact ..What you don’t get is that YOU don’t always have to be the corrector! Remember this is a no mod site! It will be relatively easy to get along and sort out facts if there is not someone trying to BE the mod and the athority. I sincerely hope these 2 people re evaluate this last year and their attitudes in general . I feel I’m typical of the chatters and I just want to join in on the friendly knowledgable dialogue that should be MNBound Nest! -without being wary of what I might say wrong and if you can’t be a listener and contain your compulsion to always be right ..Then I think you should move on! The good people who frequent this nest do NOT deserve to have this happen again next season!

    1. PiggyP

      Thanks for your unbiased comments. Hopefully this can all be put behind us, and next year we can really enjoy this wonderful Eagle family together. BBC does such a fantastic job, and these eagle parents are just awesome. Hope to see you next season, along with everyone who has a desire to watch, learn, and grow along with this eagle family. ♥♥

      1. Mary Anne Nelson

        Thank you PiggyP I hope because of the Talon “Personal Update July 28” and the response from many of us who follow the MNBound nest -That the BBC will now recognize the imbalance that has been brought on by 2 people (one in particular) and the harm it has done. The 1st time I chatted there and tried to express a “fact” and got pounced on. I am a big girl and can take it but yes I was offended! I am typical of chatters so I can imagine the many others who got the same treatment. Most of us just want to feel like we can contribute something! Even on nest with mods People aren’t treated like this. Nobody rules! The BBC needs to recognize that if you leave a cam/nest without mods you are going have rogue individules taking over -So police it!!! and ban them or put mods back in place. Maybe when BBC logs on to see how it’s going they are only seeing the times gr8 is basking in the gratitude of unsuspecting people she has helped but so far not offended.. The only other thing left to do at the end of the day if the BBC leaves it the way it is -Maybe we can police it ourselves with a 1 strike you are out policy and next season refuse to tolerate it..(Ignore the troll usually works. I sincerely hope like you there will be a solution to this because it is a wonderful nest and it could have been so different this year..again thanks

  2. Erika

    Thank you for all your wonderful blogs this year. Your time and writings are so much appreciated. Ever thought about watching the Australian Sea Eagle who is currently sitting on two eggs? lol…. Enjoy your time off and see you at the ostrich cam too. Hope Leo pulls through.

  3. linda

    I just read your blogs thank you talonstrike and the rest of you that couldn’t control yourselves that had this cam shut down. Ya’ll needed a reality check and I guess you got it. .You make Hannibel Lector/Jeffrey Wagner look like saints.

    1. talonstrike Post author

      ROFLMAO Really?? Really?? You are blaming the cam shutdown on myself and the rest of the nice chatters that stayed away from the den of iniquity (there is another word I could use but polite society frowns on it) that the Social Stream on the cam page became after the mods were let go?? I think you have pointed your hatred in the wrong direction. I think you can blame MN Bound for giving in to the haters. You can blame the haters for their incessant complaints and lies about the mods. And I think you can look in the mirror and find one of the reasons for the cam shutdown as you sound remarkably like one of the haters yourself. So please direct your slings and arrows somewhere else. You have missed your target here.

      1. lindao

        Your so delusional. Anyone can see by your blogs the hatred you emit. Your a pathological liar. You can laugh and act like it isn’t all your fault but its obvous mn bound saw through your bullshit. Your a low life hate monger. It’s plain as day mn bound had seen enough of your madness. The point is you are the cause of your own demise.

    2. talonstrike Post author

      The only hate on this blog is from haters like you, sportster. Posting from your phone doesn’t disguise who you are. it is obvious to anyone reading your comments. It is sad you feel you must denigrate me and others to make yourself feel better. I hope someday you get the help you need.

  4. Helen

    Thanks to all for making this site possible and for all the work Talon, Elaine and Rick have done to make this site alive and personal for us. Looking forward to a new family next year! Thanks so much!

  5. Patsy Newman

    Once again, I want to give you my most sincere gratitude for a wonderful season of eagle watching! My best to you. I look forward to next season! Patsy Newman in Knoxville, Tennessee

  6. Dawn

    Deepest thanks to Talon, all the Mods, BBC and everyone else that makes this happen. I have a feeling of emptyness right now but so look forward to next year and a new set of wonderful eaglets to begin the worrying all over again. The chatters have been wonderful and I can’t wait till next year to reunite with all of you. Have a safe winter, great rest of the summer and a very nice Fall season. Love you all and God Bless.
    Talon….best of luck with all of your health issues. I will be praying for you.


  7. Carol Kieke

    Thank you to everyone who gave me and many others many many hours of enjoyment. I have learned so much about the Eagle World from watching this site and reading your blog. It is hard to believe that only 3 1/2 months ago we were watching the pips and now they are ready to join the other juvies. I look forward to watching the nest and reading your blog again next year. I too hope you have a healthy and happy time off. It will be wonderful to see your precious granddaughter again next year.

  8. FFMN

    Parting is such sweet sorrow but what a trip it has been, in a multitude of ways. Thanks you BBC for the outstanding job this year of camera work. Over and beyond other sites, which don’t have the reason (territory) to pan like you had, and did.

  9. Jo

    “Goodbye, parting is such sweet sorrow.” Thanks for the opportunity to watch these glorious raptors from Mom & Dad’s egg laying until our Arky and Dakota flew off to be the wonderful creatures God made them to be. May you live long and have families of your own! On to looking forward to next season!
    Thanks BBC, the Blacks, LBJ and Talon for all your hard work this season. You are much appreciated and hope to see you elsewhere on the net.

  10. Lois A Zillmer

    Once again my early morning waking up was boosted by these videos and blog. Hard to believe the season is ending. But, next year I will be able to watch from start to another ending. Again, my deepest thanks for all the time spent making these videos. Enjoy your granddaughter, they grow too fast! Hope your time off will be happy and healthy. Till next year or tomorrow…….Lois Zillmer, WA state


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