Nest Update: 2 Aug 2014 – It’s Coming, I Promise

Fellow Nestizens!

I know I promised the end of the season Blog for last night but working until midnight and then having the Leo crisis on the Ostrich cam today has not allowed me to give it the attention it deserves. I promise I will publish it tomorrow without fail. Thanks for understanding!


7 thoughts on “Nest Update: 2 Aug 2014 – It’s Coming, I Promise

  1. lemondrop87

    You have been an inspiration to many, Talon so don’t let the NEGATIVES overwhelm you, you have done a great job and certainly kept the faith for us; even us that caught on late. Be sure and keep the address list and let us know when you sign back on next season. We all luv you, Talon…

      1. Lois A Zillmer

        Talon, I cried my eyes out this morning at O’s cam. Leo was quite the little character. My prayers go out to Dash, his family, Aries, and all of the watchers. Leo is greatly missed.

  2. tjglv

    Thank you, TalonStrike for your great blog. I know the daily work involved and I appreciate your
    effort and time. You’ve made me laugh, cry … given me an ‘eagle education’ and inspired me in many ways. Your honesty, natural wit and love of nature comes sparkling through! You also shared your sweet and beautiful photos of your Granddaughter and that was a delightful bonus!

    I’m sorry you have to deal with people with negative agendas but you are STRONG and that is to be admired. Their nastiness and negativity can not touch your truthfulness … and your strength, honor and good reputation will carry you. … You are well respected.

    My many good thoughts are with you Talon and I wish you well. Hang loose and keep the faith!


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