Nest Update – 3 August 2014- All Good Things..….Part One

Good Evening, Fellow BaldEagleVidLovers!!!

I have decided to split this final blog into several parts. Tonights portion will be a salute to the fine folks that have labored tirelessly to bring us the highlights of the season and preserve them for us to view as we wait for the cams to come back up on a new nesting season next year. The next parts will be end of the season blogs by the moderators that started the season at MN Bound and ended it with us at For The Love Of Nests and Critters. Then I will try to wrap it all up with my final eagle blog of the season. That’s not to say I’ll be hiding till next season, it’s just I will be discussing more mundane things than eagles in the off season.

Before the season began I was informed by our superb videographer of last year, 989Razzle, that she would not be able to be with us this year as she was moving house and that getting it ready, selling it, finding a new house and actually moving would leave her no time to do vids. She suggested several people to fill in and when I queried them if they could help us out 2 (actually 3) said they would be glad to. Birdbrain56 and Dragonlainey (Rick and Elaine Black) graciously offered their services to help preserve the season for us. As we know Birdbrain had to stop early in the season for personal reasons. We would like to express our extreme gratitude for what she did contribute and that we would be glad to have her back on the team again someday.

As for Dragonlainey what can I say?? They did a marvelous job for us under their own, at times, trying circumstances. At last count I believe they said they were over 400 vids for the season and if you have never done one let me tell you that is one heck of a lot of work and dedication. They were even doing vids for other nests at the same time! They always came through for us and we appreciate each and every video they made. So, THANKS Elaine and Rick, for a job well done!

Elaine has put together a retrospective of the season in 14 parts that are listed here below. They are divided up in categories so find your favorite activity and start there!

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Flights”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “The Trunk”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Stick Play”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Misc. Clips”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Intruders”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “PS ~ Pooh Shoots”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Eggs”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Beaking”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Early Feedings”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Nudges”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Dad’s Bath”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Mayhem. Mantle, & Meals”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Wingersizing”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Close Ups”

We’ll be back tomorrow with the next section of the end of the season blog. Until then, Keep Looking Up, You May See A Bald Eagle!!


10 thoughts on “Nest Update – 3 August 2014- All Good Things..….Part One

  1. nycsue

    Talon, Elaine, and Rick, Many, many thanks for all your dedication, hard work & love toward our whole eagle family…especially us human watching ones! I was away the day the cam shut down…probably best for me emotionally, So these recaps are pure delight now! Fade to Black said it all…TY, E&R. I will never forget our Arky & Dakota. In my heart I believe they love each other quite a lot. Mom & Dad have no match in my book as the best parents & guardians. So, till next season. Godspeed dear yuvies – go find Harmon’s hiding place & give him our best.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Much gratitude to all. With some Beaking for good measure!

  2. fran

    talon, Elaine, and rick, I actually read the replys before adding mine. I haven’t had a chance to watch the recap vids, but will find the time soon. as always, a huge amount of gratitude, appreciation and amazement for all the time and work you have all done. it was a great season on the nest. I look forward to next year, and am thankful to have the vids to watch in the coming months. it would be good to hear from birdbrain56 again too. please pass this on to everyone that I have possibly left out, not on purpose. so, thank you , more than I can express, I have looked to the nest as a bright spot in my day! and all of you take care, blessings, fran

  3. Bonny de Graaf

    I would like to thank each and everyone that contributed to Keep us up to date. It was great fun again. Maybe at times not so easy to find what we wanted to see and comment on, but thru time all worked out fine and main Thing is we saw the eggs, birth and life of the eaglets until they left the nest. Is that not the real reason why we are all interested in the birds? Can only imagine the amount of work involved and I am very grateful to all of you who enabled us to stay updated. You all deserve a nice rest and hope you will find the Courage and power to do it again next year. THANK YOU!

  4. Sharon knutson

    I am sitting here reliving videos that I saw through the growth of arky and Dakota. From eggs to fledglings. I have thrilled and worried and loved them.
    I just can not find the words to express my admiration and appreciation of you all.
    Love you all!

  5. Jo

    It only took me two days to watch all the videos posted but I finally got through them! WOW remembering all those great times was a blast … especially the mayhem videos LOL The Blacks have done an EXCELLENT job of capturing all these videos and recapping them the way they did. :::GOLD STARS:: for the Blacks! You’ve made it easy to go back and watch the favs … except ALL of them are favs! Can’t wait til the next batch of videos and even more I’m looking forward to 2015 season with Mom & Dad. Each year is unique and each eaglet reared has it’s own wonderful characteristics which have been captured for all time. Thanks a MILLION!!

  6. barbmi

    Thank you Talon and Rick and Elaine for a wonderful, informative and beautiful eagle season. You guys have gone beyond the norm for interesting videos and daily blogs that so many of us have enjoyed. Thank you so very much!!!!!!

  7. clakra

    We have a public holiday here in Canada and I am setting aside a special time today for me to sit with a coffee in hand to watch all the vids. Thank you so much for all your work and dedication.

  8. Beth Harsh

    I echo Olivia Nilsson’s reply and your Thanks for the amazing work done by Elaine and Rick. Also, a very special Thanks to you Talon for the time, dedication and love that you have (and still are ) put in to this wonderful blog. We certainly are blessed to have such caring people to learn from. Thank You For All You Do!!!

  9. Olivia Nilsson

    I echo your THANKS for the wonderful videos that will help fill the void till next season. And thank YOU, for your tireless efforts to bring us the day’s highlights! ❤


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