Nest Update 5 August 2014 – A Good Bye Until Next Season From Eaglesoarfree

What a privilege it has been to watch our amazing eagle family again this year! Mom and Dad entertained us with many antics….Dad’s OSD, stick placement “disagreements”, Mom and Dad staring each other down over a couple of tasty fishies! Then the biggest surprise of all…3 eggs!! A first for this nest! Even though beautiful Skye was only with us for about a week, she will remain in our hearts forever!! She will be the angel that will watch over Arky and Dakota as they soar high and free in the sky!

Arky and Dakota brought us many memorable moments…bonkfests, wingercizing, clown feet, hissy fits, squeefests. We rejoiced as they reached each new milestone…standing up, walking, branching, and finally fledging and growing into the strong, proud, fierce eagles they have become.  May you always soar high and free!

I want to thank MNB and BBC for bringing us these incredible views of the nest and the surrounding area with the best cam on the net by far! It was so breathtaking to see the world through the eagles’ eyes! BBC’s cam gnomes certainly outdid themselves day after day bringing us gorgeous views and we got to see many different wildlife. Talon’s blog was such a treat to read when I missed something happening on the nest. His humor, compassion, and love for this eagle family was evident by the dedication he showed by writing the best blog (and picture captions) on the net! Thanks Talon!

Birdbrain and dragonlainey there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for all of your hard work on the vids this season. The wonder and beauty in your vids helped me see what I missed and also will give me something to watch in the off season when I am going through “withdrawls.” Your talent and dedication are much appreciated.

Our chatters were once again the absolute best! No matter what the circumstances you always followed our only rule: Be Nice. It was such fun discussing and learning about our eagles but it was also fun to share personal experiences. We became a family because of this amazing nest and I look forward to seeing all of you in the 2015 season!!

20 thoughts on “Nest Update 5 August 2014 – A Good Bye Until Next Season From Eaglesoarfree

  1. WillametteValleyGirl

    Thank you, ESF, for your kindnesses and your helpful commentary, each and every day. Thank you, Talon, for your wonderful blogs and your never-failing witticisms.

    Firetruck, the ‘dark side’ chatters weren’t the only ones you got with that last prank.

    See you all around, at Sea Eagles or wherever. 🙂


  2. PiggyP

    ESF… A huge hug and a big thanks for a fantastic moderator!! You are always so kind and informative. I always love to see you there keeping chat safe and making it a great learning experience. I love your kindness and consideration you show to anyone who joins in on chat. Thanks again and will see you around the web and back here again next year! ❤ Oinkers!

  3. barbmi

    Thank you all !!!!! – What a great year for our eagles! and all brought to us by you wonderfully dedicated people. Hugs to all of you!

  4. Elaine Black

    ESF and Talon and Jane, and all the others!! You all rocked this season and I am happy to have played a small part. Thank you BBC and MNB for this great chance to watch this beautiful nest. And a special KUDOS to the GREAT Cam Operators!! I don’t know if there were one or more, but without you, this season could have been no different than some of the other cams. With your dedication and zooming skills, we got to see some things we never would have even known was going on. THANK YOU! Thank you! Thank you ALL ❤

  5. MNmooonie

    How did it happen that the most talented people on the net, came to enrich the MNBound Nest? The experience wouldn’t be half as good if not for the people who did the blogging, did the videos and still camera shots. To all of you who gave so much, thank you. It allowed us to be witness to one of Nature’s greatest events, the circle of Life showing our nation’s symbol in breathtaking clarity.
    I don’t talk a great deal. I perched a lot during the first two years and once I got the large screen, HD monitor, it was off to the races watching my desktop come alive.
    Summer here in the Land of the Cottonwoods, is fleeting. All winter long I’ll continue to enjoy all the hard work of the videographers, the photographers and bloggers, while the cold winds blow and the snow falls.
    For all that excellence, all that devotion, I can’t thank you and the others, enough.
    I am very lucky in the sense that I can go for a walk in the woods close by the house, see a couple of youngsters recently fledged and wonder….is that who I think it might be?

  6. Sandy (PuglvrND)

    Thank you ESF for the wonderful recap of the season. You & the rest of the MOD squad made the MNB site a wonderful place to experience our eagle family with kindness, humor & knowledge. I can’t wait ’til the 2015 season! A special thank you to Talon for his dedication to the eagle nation & the so well written blog. Without your words of wisdom & humor most of us would have missed a lot throughout the season. Another special Thank you to LoveBirds for creating the SS for all of us to be joined in a pleasant & informative place to share in the wonder of these magnificent birds. And last but not least, thank you to all the chatters who made the whole experience complete. 🙂 ❤

  7. Jo

    Good job blogging EagleSoarFree! Couldn’t have said it better! Can’t wait to see you in stealth mode next season, stealing BDoggies Cheeto’s and Talon’s Ribs 😉

  8. Gdub549

    ESF, you know i don’t say much as i’m always practicing my lurking skills, but i wanted you to know one thing: you’re “special powers” make you one of the best mods on the net. I appreciate all you bring to the table…even the cheetos 😀

    And to Talon…don’t ever change. I love your humor, your wealth of knowledge & the gracious manner in which you take a punch. What spoke volumes to me was how you continued to extend the olive branch to those ridiculed you. That’s top-notch, my friend. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. pdavis770

    ESF, thank you for being such a helpful and caring Mod. Your cool and calm way you handled all of us peeps was outstanding. Thank you and all the Mods for a great eagle viewing and learning experience.

  10. Sharon knutson

    I miss you so much TalonStrike ! I am filled with love and admiration for you and for all you have shared with us all.
    A huge Thank You
    Looking forward to seeing you again next spring.


  11. FFMN

    ESF thank you so much for your watchful eye over the blog, keeping it clean and family orientated for all of us. it’s been ‘fun’ to know you …. Till next time, somewhere.

  12. Sandy Early

    Thank you Eagles Soar Free for being there when this first year Mod was “taking flight” so to speak! You and the other mods and all of the chatters- too many to mention are close to my heart where you will stay till I see you in 2015! See you on Facebook!

  13. Ellen Rump

    I had a wonderful season on MN Bound and looked forward to seeing anything I missed on the blog. The videos, pictures, writing and captions on Talonstrike’s Blog were wonderfully professional. Thank you everyone for all your hard work and I look forward to seeing you all again in the spring.

    1. Nancy Keber

      Thanks so much for all your work and obvious love for eagles. I smile every time I think of Arky & Dakota and your writings and photos help keep the alive for me.Hopefully we will all return next season.

  14. Linda

    To all of those who did the great narrations I thank you. You brought so much life into an eagles world. You all will be missed!!!


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