Nest Update 6 August 2014 – A Farewell From Firetruck1988

Another season has come and gone at the mnbound nest cam.  Dad seemed to have his OSD under control this season and mom is still mom.  This season did not go quite as planned as you are all aware.  I was really excited when mom laid the the third egg and was saddened when Skye died.  You may have noticed that I was not as active as a mod this season as I was last season.  This was due to starting a new job back in March that kept me away from the cam and chat several days a week.  I plan on spending my time until the cam returns watching sea eagles and the Florida cams.  My mod avatars are washed and are now hanging up for the off season.  The mod team will gather again when the cam returns sometime early next year.  Until then we will stay in touch with each other.  I cannot wait to see what surprises mom and dad will have for us next season.  Fly free and safe Arky and Dakota keep out of trouble.  Until next season this is firetruck1988 signing off good night going 10-8 (available) from mod duty.

11 thoughts on “Nest Update 6 August 2014 – A Farewell From Firetruck1988

  1. Susan

    Just wanted to say thank you. I was a lurker and you taught me a lot. I’m glad you had this blog so I could keep up to date when I couldn’t watch the cam. Until next year.

  2. birdladyma

    Good luck on your next job will be watching SWFL next Hope to see ev1 there in OCT,Fly safe Arky/Dakota.God ,keep them safe.Till then.EV1 stay safe ❤

  3. Sandy (PuglvrND)

    Firetruck, even though your visits to our MNB Eagles nest & SS were infrequent & brief, it was always great to see you there. Your quick responses to questions was always spot on & very much appreciated.The blog you shared on Talon’s WordPress a few months ago was a great read as well. Last night I saw you on the Sea Eagle cam. I thought it interesting that 2 common names from the dark side disappeared for awhile after you logged on 😉 I have only lurked at that site, enjoying the beauty of M & D from a near branch. Hope to see you there again & in Florida.

  4. Beachgirl75

    Thanks Firetruck, for being here and on the O site. Missed you and your tunes the last night there. Looking forward to a new season of eagles in FL. Hope to see you there.

  5. bobbywh

    Well, farewell MNBound, hello Sea Eagles. 🙂 I look forward to seeing you there. Thanks so much for your lovely Celtic music, and for so smoothly quieting things at the O site while the kids were at the vets. As all the mods bring different personalities to the table within your team, you to have a very special touch. Until next year or until I see you again in Australia or Florida, thanks Fire, we love ya. 😉

  6. Gdub549

    Firetruck, I’m happy to see you’re still with the mod squad. For a moment there I thought you abandoned ship…I mean nest. As I’ve watched over the past couple of years, I’ve enjoyed your straightforward answers and quick wit. And I really enjoyed the last little prank you played on “the dark side.” I was amused, they certainly were NOT. 😀 Anyhoo, may God bless and keep you on your new job. See you around the net!

  7. Jo

    I hope my calling you Friar Tuck didn’t offend you. I’d wondered why we hardly saw you this season…now we know! See you next season with your Avatar T-shirt on ready to field questions!

  8. PiggyP

    Hey fire! Always love to see you on chat. You’re always quick to give us great info on our eagles! And I love you sharing your Irish roots and music with us. Big thanks and hugs for all you do. See you next season! Sláinte chuig na fír, agus go mairfidh na mna go deo. Oinkers!


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