Goodbye, Robin.

As I sit here stunned and saddened by the death of Robin Williams I harken back to the first time i met him. It was while I was working on a Blake Edwards film in 1984. We were shooting a wedding scene at a church in Santa Monica for a film called Micky and Maude. I was sitting at my cart doing what I normally did, recording and playing back what we were shooting, when I became aware of a presence behind me. I turned to look to see who it was as many of the crew would look over my shoulder at my monitor to watch the action as it happened. I was surprised to see a quiet, reserved man who I didn’t recognize at first as being one of the people who would normally show up in that spot. As I turned to get a better look it hit me who he was. I asked if I could do anything for him and offered him my chair so he could see my monitor better. He declined and said not to make a fuss as he was just there to talk to Blake about a project they were thinking of doing together. He didn’t want anyone to make a fuss and tried to act like just another spectator to what we were doing. He was very kind and self effacing and didn’t act like a star at all. We talked a bit about his work and I told him I was a big fan and that I hoped he and Blake would do a project together as I would love to work with him also. He said that he hoped it would all work out, too. He seemed embarrassed by the attention people were paying to him and it appeared he wanted to be treated just like everybody else. I was impressed by this and it made me like him even more. He and Blake never did get that project off the ground which is sad as the combination of the best comic and the best comedy director would have resulted in a phenomenal movie , in my opinion.

As it turns out I did have a chance to work with him in 1997. I was hired to work on a film called “Father’s Day” that starred Robin and Billy Crystal. Ivan Reitman of “Ghostbusters” fame was the director and with such a combo it seemed that it was going to be non-stop laughs from the word go. It was and we all had a great time making the movie. There were some days when we did scenes with a crowd of extras where Robin would be so busy entertaining them that we had trouble actually getting the movie made. It was all great fun, everyone had a great time and I am sad that that was the only project I got to work with him on.

The world has lost one of it’s greatest entertainers today. Robin’s body of work, that ranged from a goofy alien to a serial killer to a disc jockey to an inspiring teacher to any of the other roles he took for his own has few equals in the pantheon of movie stars. His humanitarian work with Comic Relief points up what a good soul he was behind the scenes also. He was a marvelous human being and we will all miss him. And I will miss a friend and colleague who was kind, generous, and the funniest man I have ever known. Rest well, Robin! You earned it.



18 thoughts on “Goodbye, Robin.

  1. FFMN

    Sept 26th. Just saw you peek in at OM and was sooo happy to see you. I have been concerned and couldn’t find you anywhere except when you sneak in on sites. I do hope things are going well for you physically, altho I lost track of any posts you may have posted, relating to that. And that granddaughter must be into everything by now!! Talon, thanks for being YOU!! You have brought joy and laughter to soo many (well most of us , lol) God bless you and your family. Pat D

  2. Linda

    Who are your “talonstrike”? I just thought you were an “eagle” person, but you seem to be so much more. Want to share?

  3. Nancy

    Nice to read this Talon. What a great guy to have met and crossed paths with. Your first-hand experience meeting him and describing his unassuming, self effacing, don’t-fuss-over-me way, seems to the way he really was when he wasn’t “on.” TV coverage has nicely verified that part of his personality. I can’t believe he’s gone. He was one of the few comics who could constantly make me laugh, and laugh hard! Loved his Jonathan Winters influence and ways. So very sorry severe depression led him to this sorrowful decision.

  4. Olivia Nilsson

    Thank you so much for that beautiful walk down your memory lane. Beautiful tribute. We are all shocked and grieved… too soon…

  5. PiggyP

    So agree with all the wonderful tributes to Robin Williams. One of his movies I enjoyed so much was Jumanji. He was such a versitile actor and a wonderful human being. So cool the great memory you’ll always have of him talon. Rest in peace Mr. Williams. You will be missed!

  6. Elaine Black

    Well done Talon. I like so many others are in shock over this. The wonderful man, who brought so much laughter and happiness to others, It began for me with “Mork and Mindy” and never stopped. Robin Williams played so many roles and each one he gave much of himself I think. The one character that I always loved, when he played Patch Adams. Every emotion was portrayed in that movie. Our hearts are heavy along with yours at such a loss. I am glad that you were able to meet him and work with him. What memories to cherish. Take care Talon ❤

  7. mnbutterflygirl

    ESF, I totally agree with you. Robin Williams not only had comic genius but a depth to portray roles in dramas that many actors in Hollywood can only dream about. I loved him in “Night at the Museum” and “Dead Poet’s Society” as well as his comedy roles. His serial killer act in “One Hour Photo” gave me the creeps. Robin’s part in “Patch Adams” was touching.

    Thanks for sharing your story Talon. Robin’s body of work will live on and he will be missed.

  8. WillametteValleyGirl

    How lucky you were to know and work with him, Talon! And what a lovely farewell you wrote. The world is a sadder place today because of Robin’s not being present in it.

    Ever since yesterday I’ve had “Never Had a Friend Like Me” from “Aladdin” stuck in my head. I can hear Robin singing it, so plainly…

  9. Beachgirl75

    Thank you for sharing your memories, Talon. the world has lost a great comic genius, but the heavens have gained another star to shine down on us. ❤

  10. Tina


  11. clakra

    Talon, your words so echo the tributes I hear in Canada about this special and talented person. I can’t imagine what it was he was going through that finally made him decide it was time to go. He will never get old or infirm or forgotten, he will always live in our hearts His worlk will live on and he through it. God be with his daughter and family and all the friends, colleagues fans and everyone his life touched at this sad sad time.

  12. Ellen

    From the time late yesterday that I heard about his passing, and the non stop coverage of losing him, I have never heard anyone say a bad word about him. I listened to a one hour interview with him on a local radio station early this morning and discovered a brilliant, kind, human being. There is an old say that says “only the good die young” and this is so true in his case RIP Robin.

  13. FFMN

    Mork & Mindy introduced me to Robin and loved him through the years. It so often seems that the true brilliant souls often, often, are afflicted with depression demons. I will treasure my copy of his work as the doctor in Patch Adams. Nice to know it was ‘just Robin’ in everyday life among everyday people. God Bless is soul.

  14. Eaglessoarfree

    What a lovely, touching tribute to your friend and colleague. His comedy genius was unparalleled and he brought laughter and joy to many throughout his amazing career. His more serious roles spoke to the depth he had as an actor. I admired him for his tremendous talent as well as for his work with Comic Relief. We lost a true legend and he will be missed by many.

  15. Jo

    It broke my heart when I signed on earlier today and saw that he’d passed, too. He was one of my very favorite in the comedy world. He will be missed in so many ways.


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