The Season Has Begun!

At 3:58pm today, Saturday, Feb 28th, 2015 Mom laid the first egg of the 2015 season at the MNB nest! Congrats to all!

Welcome M10!!

Welcome M10!!

Thanks to Lolaboo two2 for the vid of the hatch!



29 thoughts on “The Season Has Begun!

  1. Laurie

    So happy to see you back Talon…hope you are doing well. Thank you for starting up the blog again, just not the same without you!

    1. Lynda Sue

      I just went to the nest for the first time this year. Looking for everyone and most of all looking for Talon. I am not sure what is going on but I can say I miss you all and I hope all is well with you Talon. Reading all the posts with no reply has made me very concerned for you. There are a lot of people out here that love you and wish you well.

  2. Maggie

    Welcome Back, Talon!!! I’m sooooo glad to see your first post of the new season. Hope you and yours are healthy and happy and enjoying 2015 so far. I bet that little granddaughter of yours has grown a bit since we last saw photos of her. Hope you will be posting more photos this season as well.

    Soooooo excited to see Mom and Dad looking as beautiful as ever, and this first egg is a most welcome addition to the MNBound ongoing story. Hope it’s a good season for all concerned.

  3. Barbara Tignor

    I need your help. Please read latest posts on Reese Lukei’s nest blog at the Center for Conservation Biology’s website where he & I discuss the age of MNB’s male this year. Please?

  4. lemondrop87

    Glad to see you back Talon and to see she is hatched 1 egg, hope there will be at least 2 more and maybe 3, now that would be super!!, although she is somewhat behind MoM & DaD Berry who has already hatched 2 Eaglets, so many nests to watch.. How are you doing and Arlia (sp) also? Well good bye til another day!!

  5. Eagles Soarfree

    Welcome back Talon! You and your quick wit have been sorely missed! Really looking forward to another amazing season with this incredible eagle family.

  6. Mark

    Dear Talon,
    It’s wonderful hearing from you, and hoping all is well in both your nest and forest.
    Looking so forward to your postings (!!)

  7. PiggyP

    Yeah! Good to see you again talon. And Congrats to Mom and Dad!
    Can’t believe that time has passed so quickly and time for a new generation in the Cottonwood. ❤

  8. Fairenough

    Talon is BACK!!!!! And we got an egg in record time! All is good in cottonwood!!! So looking forward to your blog. Hope you are well!!!:)

  9. FFMN

    This is wonderful Talon. Glad you keep count !! Best of health to you this season. We need you for many reasons. Thanks, fella.

  10. bobbie nelson

    from MNmooonie,hiya Talon. Guess what??? You know who gr8lakes, talked on of the BBC people to take my voice away because I disagreed with her. She’s not on the MNBound site . Maybe Mr Ron Shera (who got my email plus convo logs, maybe he got her gone) Good to see you back. bobbie Nelson  If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either

    1. lemondrop87 Alice

      bobbie nelson, gr8lakes is back on the MNBound site 2, at least she was last week, please don’t try to run her off, she is just one of the best posters, moderators on that site so don’t knock her around now please!!

  11. Sharon K

    I am so happy to see you back and I look forward to watching the excitement and drama watching them develop their personalities.

    1. Deb

      Thanks for the update! Was worried because we hadn’t heard from you in such a long time. Looking forward to your updates and a great season on the nest.


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