27 thoughts on “M11 slides into home at 5:53pm Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

  1. Maggie

    I’m really getting worried about you Talon. Are you okay? Will you be writing the blog reports for this season (2015)? Really miss your insights and info. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way…………………

    1. Mary Behrens

      As I watch the eaglets’ behavior at MN Bound, I often think of some witty comment Talonstrike would have to say that makes me smile. I really miss the videos and humor this year. Does anyone know what has happened?

  2. fran

    I haven’t been seeing talons blogs either. when I type in my address,it says i’m already signed up but haven’t gotten any e-mails. hope everything is ok, i’ll keep watching.

  3. Linda

    Talon, Grannyfinch and everyone. Sure miss your chat and love of this nest. Miss the daily updates and pics of Arya too. Miss all the knowledge you all have to share. Hope and pray Talon that you are well.

    1. Mary

      My thoughts exactly, too. I miss the humor and good information. Will we hear again when the eaglets hatch?

      1. Mary

        I have also missed the MnBound nest blogs and have been waiting and watching but nothing arrives from Talonstrike. What is happening?

  4. Linda Brozek

    thank you so much for keeping me informed i was thinking lastweek that it must be just about time for the Eagle cam to be back on and then i got the email from you i sure appreciate it

  5. lemondrop87

    Where is this nest at? me thinks it is MN Bound, but not sure, I am glancing at so many; wherever it is nice and cold w/ice for to turn eggs and hatch Eaglets. Talon please answer some(at least a few) of our comments esp. how you are doing and bout Airla(? sp.) lol!!

  6. fran

    so they have two now. with the snow I couldn’t look but for a minute today, and now it will be cold and windy. sounds like i’m like a lot of people–tired of winter. talon, hope you are doing well.

  7. Judy

    I wish they were laid closer together. There will be a significant difference in their sizes when M11 hatched.


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