Just a little bit about me.

I have been watching eagle cams for over 5 years now and modding for 2+. In love with all things eagle and especially watching all of the wonderful cams we have available now. I was first asked to mod at the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam but they decided that they had enough mods at that time so I never did mod there. I have modded at MN Bound, Pip’s Ostrich Cam (yea, I know) and the American Eagle Foundation Northeast Florida Cam. I also was a camera operator at NEFL. Also last year I was  the blogger for the MN Bound Cam. This blog is a continuation of that labor of love as MN Bound has scaled down their participation in the running of the cam. I decided to move the blog here to have a little more freedom in what I can post and to keep all of our viewers up to date on the doin’s at the nest. Here’s to a great 2014 season and watching three eggs hatch and three new eagles fledge! Thanks for joining us on the journey!

One thought on “About

  1. fran

    I have had trouble finding or signing up for your blog. I filled the stuff out, then got a message, that it couldn’t be processed and my time? had expired. help, as I miss the blog, thanks, fran I have windows 8 now and I think I hit the wrong button or? I miss the blog. thank you so much!


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