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Goodbye, Robin.

As I sit here stunned and saddened by the death of Robin Williams I harken back to the first time i met him. It was while I was working on a Blake Edwards film in 1984. We were shooting a wedding scene at a church in Santa Monica for a film called Micky and Maude. I was sitting at my cart doing what I normally did, recording and playing back what we were shooting, when I became aware of a presence behind me. I turned to look to see who it was as many of the crew would look over my shoulder at my monitor to watch the action as it happened. I was surprised to see a quiet, reserved man who I didn’t recognize at first as being one of the people who would normally show up in that spot. As I turned to get a better look it hit me who he was. I asked if I could do anything for him and offered him my chair so he could see my monitor better. He declined and said not to make a fuss as he was just there to talk to Blake about a project they were thinking of doing together. He didn’t want anyone to make a fuss and tried to act like just another spectator to what we were doing. He was very kind and self effacing and didn’t act like a star at all. We talked a bit about his work and I told him I was a big fan and that I hoped he and Blake would do a project together as I would love to work with him also. He said that he hoped it would all work out, too. He seemed embarrassed by the attention people were paying to him and it appeared he wanted to be treated just like everybody else. I was impressed by this and it made me like him even more. He and Blake never did get that project off the ground which is sad as the combination of the best comic and the best comedy director would have resulted in a phenomenal movie , in my opinion.

As it turns out I did have a chance to work with him in 1997. I was hired to work on a film called “Father’s Day” that starred Robin and Billy Crystal. Ivan Reitman of “Ghostbusters” fame was the director and with such a combo it seemed that it was going to be non-stop laughs from the word go. It was and we all had a great time making the movie. There were some days when we did scenes with a crowd of extras where Robin would be so busy entertaining them that we had trouble actually getting the movie made. It was all great fun, everyone had a great time and I am sad that that was the only project I got to work with him on.

The world has lost one of it’s greatest entertainers today. Robin’s body of work, that ranged from a goofy alien to a serial killer to a disc jockey to an inspiring teacher to any of the other roles he took for his own has few equals in the pantheon of movie stars. His humanitarian work with Comic Relief points up what a good soul he was behind the scenes also. He was a marvelous human being and we will all miss him. And I will miss a friend and colleague who was kind, generous, and the funniest man I have ever known. Rest well, Robin! You earned it.



Nest Update 6 August 2014 – A Farewell From Firetruck1988

Another season has come and gone at the mnbound nest cam.  Dad seemed to have his OSD under control this season and mom is still mom.  This season did not go quite as planned as you are all aware.  I was really excited when mom laid the the third egg and was saddened when Skye died.  You may have noticed that I was not as active as a mod this season as I was last season.  This was due to starting a new job back in March that kept me away from the cam and chat several days a week.  I plan on spending my time until the cam returns watching sea eagles and the Florida cams.  My mod avatars are washed and are now hanging up for the off season.  The mod team will gather again when the cam returns sometime early next year.  Until then we will stay in touch with each other.  I cannot wait to see what surprises mom and dad will have for us next season.  Fly free and safe Arky and Dakota keep out of trouble.  Until next season this is firetruck1988 signing off good night going 10-8 (available) from mod duty.

Nest Update 5 August 2014 – A Good Bye Until Next Season From Eaglesoarfree

What a privilege it has been to watch our amazing eagle family again this year! Mom and Dad entertained us with many antics….Dad’s OSD, stick placement “disagreements”, Mom and Dad staring each other down over a couple of tasty fishies! Then the biggest surprise of all…3 eggs!! A first for this nest! Even though beautiful Skye was only with us for about a week, she will remain in our hearts forever!! She will be the angel that will watch over Arky and Dakota as they soar high and free in the sky!

Arky and Dakota brought us many memorable moments…bonkfests, wingercizing, clown feet, hissy fits, squeefests. We rejoiced as they reached each new milestone…standing up, walking, branching, and finally fledging and growing into the strong, proud, fierce eagles they have become.  May you always soar high and free!

I want to thank MNB and BBC for bringing us these incredible views of the nest and the surrounding area with the best cam on the net by far! It was so breathtaking to see the world through the eagles’ eyes! BBC’s cam gnomes certainly outdid themselves day after day bringing us gorgeous views and we got to see many different wildlife. Talon’s blog was such a treat to read when I missed something happening on the nest. His humor, compassion, and love for this eagle family was evident by the dedication he showed by writing the best blog (and picture captions) on the net! Thanks Talon!

Birdbrain and dragonlainey there aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for all of your hard work on the vids this season. The wonder and beauty in your vids helped me see what I missed and also will give me something to watch in the off season when I am going through “withdrawls.” Your talent and dedication are much appreciated.

Our chatters were once again the absolute best! No matter what the circumstances you always followed our only rule: Be Nice. It was such fun discussing and learning about our eagles but it was also fun to share personal experiences. We became a family because of this amazing nest and I look forward to seeing all of you in the 2015 season!!

Nest Update – 3 August 2014- All Good Things..….Part One

Good Evening, Fellow BaldEagleVidLovers!!!

I have decided to split this final blog into several parts. Tonights portion will be a salute to the fine folks that have labored tirelessly to bring us the highlights of the season and preserve them for us to view as we wait for the cams to come back up on a new nesting season next year. The next parts will be end of the season blogs by the moderators that started the season at MN Bound and ended it with us at For The Love Of Nests and Critters. Then I will try to wrap it all up with my final eagle blog of the season. That’s not to say I’ll be hiding till next season, it’s just I will be discussing more mundane things than eagles in the off season.

Before the season began I was informed by our superb videographer of last year, 989Razzle, that she would not be able to be with us this year as she was moving house and that getting it ready, selling it, finding a new house and actually moving would leave her no time to do vids. She suggested several people to fill in and when I queried them if they could help us out 2 (actually 3) said they would be glad to. Birdbrain56 and Dragonlainey (Rick and Elaine Black) graciously offered their services to help preserve the season for us. As we know Birdbrain had to stop early in the season for personal reasons. We would like to express our extreme gratitude for what she did contribute and that we would be glad to have her back on the team again someday.

As for Dragonlainey what can I say?? They did a marvelous job for us under their own, at times, trying circumstances. At last count I believe they said they were over 400 vids for the season and if you have never done one let me tell you that is one heck of a lot of work and dedication. They were even doing vids for other nests at the same time! They always came through for us and we appreciate each and every video they made. So, THANKS Elaine and Rick, for a job well done!

Elaine has put together a retrospective of the season in 14 parts that are listed here below. They are divided up in categories so find your favorite activity and start there!

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Flights”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “The Trunk”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Stick Play”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Misc. Clips”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Intruders”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “PS ~ Pooh Shoots”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Eggs”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Beaking”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Early Feedings”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Nudges”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Dad’s Bath”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Mayhem. Mantle, & Meals”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Wingersizing”

MNBound Eagles ~ 2014 Season Recap ~ “Close Ups”

We’ll be back tomorrow with the next section of the end of the season blog. Until then, Keep Looking Up, You May See A Bald Eagle!!