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Personal Update – 28 July 14 – Trust No One – Part Deux

Good Evening, Fellow CottonwoodDwellers!!

For the 250th blog I have posted on the web I thought I would make this one all personal.

It used to be betrayers were keel-hauled, drawn and quartered, given the lash, put before the firing squad…. We have become a kindler and gentler people since those days so I will settle for exposing the betrayer here on the net.

Here, in her own words copied verbatim from Facebook with only a name removed to protect the innocent, is the evidence of her duplicity:

Pat Burke Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 11:55am PDT

btw no one at MNB knows me as gr8lakes but XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I never told them there. Gracie knew when she asked me to mod, she asked me for my experience, everyone else was new at modding

Pat Burke Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 11:56am PDT

I said I would help out last year.. wasn’t sure I’d be back

Pat Burke Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 12:00pm PDT

I mod with gr8lakes, but use mibirder when I am not modding, gracie asked me to mod when I was in SWF chat visiting as mibirder, asked if I was gr8lakes I said yes, but said just leeave me as that for MNB.. didn’t want to confuse people… lol didn’t think I would be around long

Emphasis is mine. Spelling and punctuation are as written. I have obviously left out the other half of the conversation this was copied from as it is irrelevant to my purpose here today.

So, Pat Burke = gr8lakes = mibirder = ???? Who knows what other personas she is hiding behind on the net.

She will probably tell you that I made this up. She will say it’s all a lie. That’s OK, she can say whatever she wants but we have the file from Facebook and these are her words. You may draw whatever conclusions you want from them.

She says above that she “didn’t think I would be around long”. If I had known then what I know now she would never have been asked to mod again after modgate. Instead, she was asked back, and remained as a mod to spy on the mod team. She reported what was said by myself and the other mods to various people who were working to destroy our reputation and get us dismissed as mods from the MN Bound Eaglecam. Unfortunately, they succeeded.

The mods at most cams have a Facebook or other type of chat channel where they discuss what is happening on the nest and in the Social Stream/Chat away from the eyes of the chatters. Things are said in there that are not for publication anywhere else. Taken out of context the things that are said can be made to seem derogatory or unpleasant without the rest of the conversation to give it it’s true meaning. Unfortunately, it seems that she has been reporting just the juicy bits to the mod detractors to curry favor with them and help them slander the mods.

Confidential information, that she agreed to keep secret, was also discussed in the mod chat. She has betrayed those confidences as well.

If you follow multiple cams you will have noted that gr8lakes likes to install herself at unmoderated cams as the faux “eagle expert”. Perhaps this was her motivation for helping get the mods dismissed from MN Bound. We will never know as she will never admit it.

I am a trusting sort. It is the way I was raised. I always try to look for the good in people even if I only know them electronically. I couldn’t believe that someone we mods trusted and who was part of our team for so long would betray us the way mibirder/gr8lakes has. I also found it hard to believe that she would actively work against us to have the mods dismissed from MN Bound.

But I believe it now.

And I will trust no one from now on.


PS: She may talk of suing me for slander. Unfortunately for her you can’t be sued for telling the truth. 

PPS: They may also claim other things about me. Please don’t believe them. We have seen how trustworthy they are. And as I have said in previous blogs and comments “Put up or Shut up”. The innuendo and gossip have gone far enough.