Nest Update 4-23-14 – Some Rain, Some Rolls and A Nice Fish

Good Evening, Fellow Bumbershooters!!

The day on the nest started gray and gloomy as the predicted weather moved in. Mombrella and Poptent were the order of the day as Mom and Dad tried their best to protect the eaglets and the duck egg. The rain in the morning was fairly intense but luckily short lived. One of the parents arrived about 0815 with a really nice northern pike to cover the fresh fish component of the meals for the day. Dad made an awesome fly-in with some very unidentifiable mystery meat that the eaglets nevertheless consumed with great gusto later in the day. 

Arky, Dakota and Skye stayed mostly warm and dry under Mom and Dad as the rain fell. Dad seemed even more reluctant today to give up his place on the nest when Mom returned from her excursions abroad. This, as usual, resulted is some amusing interactions. Most of the feedings early today were fairly quick as the weather interfered with the normal feeding schedule. Later in the day as the nest dried out they became longer again and crops were filled to capacity. The eaglets were very well behaved and a minimum of bonking was seen. Frankie (the egg) was of course oblivious to all but was very grateful for the warmth provided.

BBC zoomed several times to the goose on the island and Mama Goose looked like she was enduring the rain as well as could be expected. The rain raised the level in the pond a bit but her nest is in no danger of being flooded out. The area around the nest is starting to green up as spring progresses and todays rain will help with that a lot. If you like the pans of the area get your screencaps now as the view will be more and more restricted as the leaves come in. It will be nice to see the green though after the long cold winter this year.

I must mention that Fox News KMSP 9 in the Twin Cities gave the nest a very nice featurette on their 9pm and 10pm news tonight. Well done and thanks, KMSP! 

In the early evening Mom and Dad were both on the nest for a very nice supper and as darkness fell Mom gave the eaglets a snack to carry them through the night. She then settled in and all was well on the nest.

Dragonlainey and Birdbrain56 have again provided us with some great videos of todays action on the nest. Thanks!

MNBound Eagles ~ Duck Egg ~ Mom Hover Exercises ~ Feeding….

MNBound Eagles ~ Morning Gentle Nudge Saying It Is My Turn

MNBound Eagles ~ Rainshower ~ Rolling Frankie “Quackles” Longshot

MNBound Eagles ~ Awesome Fly In With Food ~ Feeding In The….

MNBound Eagles ~ Huddled & Eating Fish ~ Cuddle Sweetness

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom & Dad Sit Together ~ Mom Nudges Dad

MN Bound Eagles 4-23-14 A Bite To Eat Then It’s SED

MNBound Eagles ~ If I Ignore Her Maybe She’ll Go Away

MNBound Eagles ~ Mom Eats Before the Rain Hits

MNBound Eagles ~ Here Come Da Blobs

MNBound Eagles ~ Northern Pike & a Special Delivery

MNBound Eagles ~ Three Hungry Eaglets

Some pics of the day!


Why couldn’t the weatherman be wrong as usual??


Where did Dad get that?? Do ya think its safe???


This pike is much better than the other stuff!


Look out! She gonna sit on us again!!


You go ahead and watch birdies, Grampa! It’s naptime for me!

A soggy day today and if those people are correct another one tomorrow. As always we look forward to sharing every day with the eagles no matter what the weather. I just wish that the cam had a windshield wiper sometimes! 

We’ll see you on the nest tomorrow!



4 thoughts on “Nest Update 4-23-14 – Some Rain, Some Rolls and A Nice Fish

  1. Louise

    Glad to see the blog back Talon. You should put the ‘likes’ hearts back so folks can vote on it. You do great work.

  2. Barbmi

    Thanks again Talon and pix/video takers….wonderful work and clear devotion to our charming family. Love this site!!!!!

  3. FFMN

    Talon, thumbs up X3 for your blog and the wonderful video captures. I especially like the slo mo of eagle coming in with new food source (whatever it was !) The ‘what did they say?’ comments under the still pics are always entertaining. And, talk about sweetness!! That G Baby is gonna need a lot of watchin’ by G. Dad and parents. She is absolutely adorable, and I don’t say that about all babies/toddlers.! Thanks again.


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